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Thread: iphone apps

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    iphone apps

    I just got a new iphone (5C). What are the best photo apps? I'm a total newbie - had to ask my niece to help with buying the phone!! Thanks

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    Congrats on your new phone!

    I have the following photo apps on my iPhone.


    and, of course, Instagram!

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    I have several camera apps. Since I usually take photos with my phone at a moments notice, I just use the in camera app. At times I use Pic-Tap-Go to edit the photo a bit. Instagram is my all time fave app!! Happy app hunting!

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    My faves for the camera:

    I use the phone app for the camera.
    I also have a self-timer camera which comes in handy from time to time called TimerCam.
    I edit using Snapseed or Afterlight. I've used a number of editing apps now, but deleted most to just use either of these now.

    Another couple of fun apps are InstaWeather (where it pops the weather and location over the top of the photo, I used that a lot on my holiday overseas as part of the memory) and I've also got Instaplace now (so I need to go on another holiday to use it to the best advantage I think!!!)

    And I adore Instagram, love seeing those little snippets of life on there.

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    Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I will be looking into all of them, especially the weather one which sounds fun for travel pics. I do love the forum here at DD - everyone is always so helpful and quick to respond.



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