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Thread: SS Scrapbooking Celebrations 2

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    SS Scrapbooking Celebrations 2

    Oh, I can't resist another opportunity to recognize a fellow team member (and put my foot in my mouth if I accidentally missed anyone else in this mag!)

    Woo hoo! Elizabeth Lee is on p. 69, Snaphots of Love.

    If I missed anyone else , please someone let me know!
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  2. Awesome Congratulations!!!

  3. woohoo, so awesome!!!!! CONGRATS!!

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    *blushing* aaaah....thanks so much Susan, jackie and teri.

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    KellieMize Guest
    Congrats!! Running off to get my copy and look you up...

  6. I've actually got 2 in there too <blush>. One is my parents' prom picture and the other is a 4th of July page done with Kate's Oh Canada papers. I just got my copy yesterday - finally!

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    Congrats to both of you...I always feel so ridiculously proud of myself when I recognize a name under a layout in a magazine!

    Alisa, I've been meaning to tell you how impressed I was with those fireworks shots ever since I got my copy of the magazine....(and aren't they slow to send those comp copies? I JUST got my comp copy of Designing Scrapbooks 2 yesterday!)

    Did you use any special settings or have any tips to offer?

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    Big congratulations to both of you!
    Alisa, I love the layout of your parents. Isn't it hard to imagine our parents at that age???
    Great work!

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    Congratulations to everyone!!! You go, girls!!!!

  10. LIZ!!! Did I know about this??? If not you are in big trouble!!

  11. and CONRATS to you TOO Alisa!!!

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    congratulations everyone!!! so exciting to see all the DD girls!! WTG!!
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  13. Congrats girls! How fabulous!

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    Sorry Alisa! I knew I'd miss someone! Foot in mouth, as usual! Ugh!
    This bunch is too talented to keep up with!
    Congratulations Alisa! I'm going to go admire your LOs right now! Thanks so much for letting us know about them~

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    Thanks for the congrats ladies. and a huge congrats Alisa!!

  16. Wow! This is awesome!!! The 'DD girls' are popping up all over the place! Congrats to you both!

  17. Congratulations...I just got my copy to look you up!!!

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    How fantastic, girls. Love both of your work - so glad to *know* you stars!!
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