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Thread: Mod1-Sect1 Snapshots VS Layers Comb

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    Mod1-Sect1 Snapshots VS Layers Comb

    Hi girls,
    I need your help just to make sure I understand right (Sebastian talks a bit fast for a French girl who was abroad about 25 years ago!).
    Concerning Module 1 Section 1 the introduction to the history palette...
    A snapshot is just a quick picture of what you've done and like right?
    And a layer com is the combination of task that has given you that cool result you like, and then you can figure out quickly box your layers have been arranged and mixed together right?
    I'm not sure I got it right because for now I don't really see the utility of the layer com thing. I guess it will make more sense when I'll be further in the course.
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    I have the same question - I tried it once and couldn't see a difference in the layers panel. The photo bin had two layouts, though, and I think maybe that's where it stores the first set of layers. I think we could use some help!!

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    I think it just saves all that you did to that point, I found it in the history part of your layers. I will have to look again to be more specific!

  4. I haven't gotten to that part in the course yet, but your question intrigued me as I've never heard of Layer Comps before. It looks like Layer Comp function is similar to snapshots, but with snapshots you freeze the entire layout at a moment in its development. You can go back to the snapshot and move elements around in the layout, but I don't think snapshots are saved when you finally save the layout file. Layer Comps, however, are able to be saved ... "how" they are saved is not quite clear to me. This video helped me understand a bit more about Layer Comps:

    Hope that helps

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  6. Snapshots are simply stored versions of your composition process along the way. Every time you click the snapshot option in the History Palette (not available in Elements, sorry), you create a little stored version of where you are at up at the top of the History Palette.

    The purpose of this is twofold: 1.) to store your "safe" points along the way, so that if you go off on a wrong track, you can go back, even if you have exceeded the limits of what your history palette is storing. And 2.) to have reference states to use with the History Brush.

    Now, the one drawback of snapshots: once you save your file and close it out, if you open it again all the snapshots are gone. They only last during your current session.

    As for Layer Comps ... those are similar but different in an important way. Think of Layer Comps as a way of showing a client multiple versions of a piece (or having a few to look through yourself after creating a few different versions during your composition session). But be sure to read the notes on that video: Layer Comps only store a few specific changes.

    Personally, I use snapshots a LOT. I use Layer Comps very rarely.

    - Sebastian

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    Thank you so much for jumping in here, Sebastian. This course has fired up a lot of people here at DesignerDigitals and we are having a blast. :O)

  8. Thank you, Sebastian! Your course is a goldmine of information and inspiration!

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    Thanks so much, Sebastian for your help, here. I am loving how we can use these techniques in so many ways, whether it be on a scrapbook page, an art journal, or an image that we would like to frame. No matter what your style might be, there is something for everyone in this class.

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    I have reached Mod1 Section 2 and i already have learned a tons of things. Maybe more important.... I start watching my bunnies' stack of hay in a very strange manner wondering how it would look like on camera!!!
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    HaHaHa... that's funny! I know what you mean, I was outside taking pictures of my tree up close, and the clouds, rocks , my neighbors if watching must of got a chuckle out of that!
    I just want to say thank you to Sebastian for coming here to DD to answer questions. How wonderful that you would take the time!

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    The resolution section is kind of hard for me to understand.
    I mainly use my camera or iDevices for scrapbook, and since I'm on hybrid I need a 300dpi resolution (I very often use non standard dimension when printing). I'll have to go back again and again to that section of the class to have it crystal clear and probably open a new post.
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