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Thread: Posting to Flkr?

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    Question Posting to Flkr?

    When you post to group Flkr site what resolution do you use. He said to upload high resolution but I'm not sure what numbers to use. Do I make another file out of my PSD copy to post there? I have seen some of your works there so any tips here would be appreciated!

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    When I upload to Flikr, I just use the same file that I upload here at DD! 700x700 with quality of 12!
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    ok thanks. I wasn't sure because Sebastian said high quality to see all the details. I thought I was seeing them just fine, lol. but had to check!

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    His notes say to upload files of around 2 Mg at 150dpi with a max size edge of 10-20 inches. I agree with you that I don't see the difference.

  5. Hi everyone! Reason I suggested 150dpi and a rather large file size is that smaller files tend to look less than stellar on the newer Apple computers and devices with Retina Display. It used to be you could get away with 72 dpi, but nowadays if you want to stand out as beautifully as possible, across all devices, you want 150 dpi.

    File sizes between 1 MB and 2 MB seem ideal anymore (unless you are creating a web graphic you want to load quickly, of course). But even something half that will do just fine the majority of the time.

    As for .jpg file quality, when you go to save as a .jpg and simply intend your image to be viewed online, there is no reason to go higher than Quality 9 or 10.

    I don't suggest anything lower than that, and going 11 or 12 is overkill unless you are sending an image to be printed.

    And for anything meant to serve as a graphic on a website, I suggest using the Save For Web option, and choosing a quality of between 50 and 75 depending on how important the image is to you.

    Hope that's all somewhat helpful!

    - Sebastian

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    Thanks Sebastian for the clarification!

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