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Thread: So tell us ... what hidden talents do you have?

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    So tell us ... what hidden talents do you have?

    I am a true believer in everyone has a story and pooh pooh anyone who says "oh I'm no good at anything". I want to know what hidden gems we have amongst us, and what hidden talents you have. Maybe you can bake a sky high sponge, or tap dance, or are an ace in snooker, or have made 50 quilts, or even something from your past, were you a cheer leader or a great mathemetician.

    Come on ladies spill ! I want you all to blow your own trumpets.

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    Hidden talents hmmm...I guess I am good at spotting and getting deals. Like a sign that says Clearance + an additional 50% off, or 90% off holiday items screams "hello! is anyone else calculating this bargain?!!"


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    Love it Melissa!

    Well I played for many years (25 or so) in various brass bands, and in my latter day playing in an A grade band that travelled to competitions throughout Australia. I still have my instrument (tenor horn) but don't play any more. One of these days I'll pick it up again maybe.

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    I'm one of those that likes to do a lot of things but is not a "master" of any. What immediately came to mind was music. I've played piano most of my life but certainly am not an accomplished pianist. However, I taught beginning students for many years while my kids were little to supplement our income and still be at home. Later, when working in a piano store, I taught for the "four free lessons with purchase" and would keep the students to a point and then transfer them to one of the really good guys. At the same time I taught group keyboard lessons at the store. I've also been the church pianist and worship leader! Now my voice has dropped a couple octaves and I rarely tickle the ivories. I guess my other would be sewing - now a thing of the past. I used to make many of my own clothes and most of the kids clothes when they were little. Even did curtains and a quilt. For a while I had a small country craft business- primarily making country dolls and other fabric items. I loved that!!
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    My hidden talent is probably my knitting My Mother taught us all to knit (I love that she did so) - I've got two brothers and two sisters (all older than me I hasten to add!) - and yes, even the boys had a spell at knitting, probably in primary school as I think it was a given then! Probably a throw back from the 'make do and mend' war days!!! I knitted a lot during my teens - jerseys made with fancy wool, like mohair, etc. Well it was fancy then and cost a fortune but I liked to wear my jerseys and be able to say 'I made it myself' when someone passed a compliment. I continued to knit for Jodie when she was a baby - I was 19 when she was born (yes, I was a child bride!) and went on to make some of her school jerseys. Then I had a bit of a gap until Hayley came along some 10 years after Jodie. I picked up the needles again for her but I don't recall going on to make her any school jerseys - of which Hayley is probably very thankful! While my step grandchildren were little, I wasn't into knitting at all and to a large extent it had gone out of fashion. I then got the itch again when we knew Jack was on the way (knitting had come into it's own again) and I made him a cable knit baby blanket which I loved doing. With Charlie following soon after, I made him the same blanket in a different colour and that pattern is now the 'heirloom' pattern for any future grandchildren we may be blessed with!

    Thanks for this thread Carol! After typing all the above, I do believe I've got an idea for a page from it! Can't wait to discover what other hidden talents we have here!

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    Well, I guess my biggest "hidden talent" is dancing... I used to compete in ballroom dancing, standard and latin american. I still know every routine I ever learnt in tango, different waltzes, slowfox and quickstep. I LOVE rumba! And I can still do a pretty mean cha cha, paso doble or samba...

    I guess another talent I have is talking in front of people... It doesn't matter if there are 10 or 1000 people. If it's prepared or something I have to do on a minute's notice. I just don't ever get nervous! In my circle of friends, I'm always the one they ask to hold speeches. And professionally, I'll give a presentation or a lecture about whatever in a heartbeat. In Swedish or English...
    I'm actually thinking of combining this particular talent, with my huge interest in history and architecture, to study to become an authorized tourguide for the city of Gothenburg...

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  7. Well, I wasn't sure I had any but after reading this thread:

    I'm also good about finding bargains. Clearance sales makes me happy.

    Public speaking doesn't bother me at all either. I'm completely fine standing up in front and delivering a speech or conducting a class. (Stick me in a party where I have to do small talk with people I don't know though.....ugh...that's painful)

    I think I'm pretty good with word games.

    This is a weird one but I'm also good at "making it work". Scrambling around at the last minute with the not-quite-right stuff and figuring it out. That one probably comes through practice and real life application.

  8. Oh, this is a fascinating thread to begin, Carol. I admire anyone who can play a musical instrument. WTG, Carol and Sharon! Knitting would be a wonderful skill and hobby. Good for you, Liz. Thess, I envy you the dancing! I have always loved to dance; DH not so much, so guess what? We never go dancing except at weddings. Thess and Terri, I'm like both of you in that I can easily speak in front of a group. In fact, before my retirement I conducted workshops for up to 100 people in the audience.

    OK, so the hidden talent I am going to reveal is that I am really good at imaginative play with little kids. I will gladly play restaurant or school or whatever their current interest is for a very long time.

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    Let me see... My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was little and I still crochet, it is basic, but I like to crochet rugs, my dogs love them!

    I am also a good editor, I seem blind to my own mistakes, but I can catch them in nearly everything I read. I would like to say it is because I read 100 essays or so a week, but I was able to do this before I started reading so many darn essays!

    I am also a speech and debate coach-which really means that I spend long hours listening to kids speak and judging them!

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    I'm sure I don't have anything that hidden or special!! LOL
    I know I can make a meal from very little... now that DOES come from real life experience...once upon a time I was very young and very broke out in the big wide world ... so I learnt to cook from scratch ingredients,
    I read fast. type {from my head} fast. I also scrap fast
    oooo, and I can walk for hours and miles {and also hopscotch!!!} in high heels. which is a very useful talent right?
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  11. So many multi-talented people here at DD! I definitely don't have any cooking, dancing, musical, writing or painting/drawing talents. But I was the best at shorthand and typing in high school and aced every test I took for job applications. I was also very good with a hula hoop and roller skates at the age of 9 or 10. And I've never met a software program I couldn't conquer!

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    Such talented ladies!!!

    Merr - I could do with some imaginary play tips - especially for boys!

    Mel - I wish I had your talent of walking far in heels - I've been wearing boots with a low heel for most of the winter and I put heels on for the first time in ages and I struggled - they weren't even that high - only about 3 inches! There's no hope for me on that one!

    Patsy, you'd beat me hands down with a hula hoop and roller skates!

    All good fun!

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    Hidden talents..hhmm guess this is similar to Melissa's. Good deals, bargain shopping. I am an ad matcher!! and use coupons as much as I can. We shop on Fridays, so Thursday I sit with all the flyers, circle everything that is on special at all the stores then make a very organized grocery list. Check my coupons (yep i have actually gotten cleaning and laundry supplies for free ). The cashiers at the store have actually commented on how organized I am at ad matching. Sometimes it only saves me $5-10 a week but I have saved upwards of $100. Which with my family of 6 is alot!!

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    I have always wanted to play the piano so bravo to anyone who can play a musical instrument. I learned to knit, crochet and needlepoint at my mom and grandmother`s knee. I used to do a lot of it but now am parked in front of my computer most days when I can editing and playing with photos!! A hidden talent I didn`t know I had was photography and the many things that go with it. My children got a me little point and shoot after my hubby passed away in 2001 and I haven`t looked back. Who knew there were so many things to do with photos!! Such multi talented ladies here!! WTG!!

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    Thessh I so admire you being able to dance, that's one of the things on my bucket list, to drag Mike to a dancing class. I think it would be a great thing to do together and I just think cutting the light fantastic across a dance floor would be the most magical feeling.

    And Mel !!! You are the best darn baker I've ever known, all the delicious goodies you rustle up, you have me drooling on fb and instagram every time I see one of your concoctions.

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    You are all so interesting!

    I was an all-county fast-pitch softball pitcher in high school. Tried my hand in college but got injured the first week and decided not to continue. Also a fairly good tennis player at the 4.0 level. But I have not played since getting pregnant with Kyle.

    Other than that I would agree with Sharon - I am pretty good at a lot of things, but not a master of any! :-)
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    Oh, ladies now I'm jealous Bargain shopping - I need this talent! Unfortunately, the exact opposite I'm really talented in wasting money I hate cooking so I can't be good in it I read slow and scrap even slower.
    Any useful talents??? Hm...
    I'm quite good driver, in particular (which is unusual for women) I am good in reversing and manoeuvring.
    I'm good swimmer. Really good, however not very fast. I always loved to swim but 10 years ago I started to train and now I swim with professional coach with a masters team.
    I'm very proud of myself beacause swiming wasn't newer so popular in Poland as it is in USA and women in my age who swim really good are rather rare, so I feel like a star in swiming pool
    I can play the guitar and ukulele. I learned it when I was a scout girl. I used to play and sing around the campfire. But being honest I'm rather horrible in it.
    And that's all, unfortunatly.

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    I don't know about hidden talents since I am an open book, LOL!

    Well, I do play the piano. I wouldn't claim to be good, but I do enjoy it!
    In HS I was in two competative show choirs. One year we even competed at the Epcot Center and took 1st place!
    I enjoy baking (but have recently lost any desire for sweets).
    My friends and neighbors say I am a good decorator, but I don't know how much I agree with them. LOL!
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    Guess my main talent, is to have an afternoon of baking cakes and biscuits with the help of grandkids aged three to seven and still turn out edible results.
    PS There is a knack to putting the littlest kids' efforts to one side thus not including the over-fingered mixtures/cut out shapes in the final cooking stage.
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    GrannyMo just think of the wonderful memories you are creating for them, I love that. Hope you've had some pics taken of you all together doing your mixing and baking, it would make the most precious scrap page.

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    Quite a talented group of ladies here, I must say.

    As for my talents, my husband swears I have the most useless talent in the world...I'm really good at being able to put names to celebrity voices I hear on the the TV or radio. For instance, when there's an ad for an insurance company or toilet paper or whatever it is, if it's a celebrity that is doing the voice over, I can almost always name that voice. If a game show comes along called "Name that Voice", I'll be first in line.

    Apart from that, cooking is my one standout. I love to cook and bake and am darn good at both, based on comments and reviews from family and friends, anyway. Other than that, I'm like so many of you here and am good at a lot of things but master of none.



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