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Thread: Show Us Your Favorites (4/21/14)

  1. Show Us Your Favorites (4/21/14)


    PLEASE TRY TO LIMIT YOUR POST TO ONE PAGE. That gives others a chance to share their favorites, too!

    Please show us pages that use DesignerDigitals products and provide a link (click here to learn more) . . . so we can see the details of the page in the gallery.

    I've always been a fan of blue and orange and I love older photos. This page by trishaf is the "whole package."


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    There were so many great pages...especially with the new Photoshop Artistry course gallery! I'm also in the course, but am just not able to do much with it until summer when I have some time off. In the meantime, I will drool over all the great effects that people are learning how to use! I loved this page by wvsandy! The texture is just spectacular!


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  3. Jana used two wonderful photos to put this Spring page together!


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    I love this page by Arte Banale, the soft colors the stitching the pretty elements really work beautifully with her garden photograph!

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    I just adore this page by Karen! So sweet and happy!
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    It amazes me that our own Lynn Grieveson manages to find time to design wonderful products AND to be a prolific scrapper. I fell in love with this page of her younger daughter as a toddler. The pictures are adorable, and the color scheme rocks!


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    I adore what Rachel did with the artsy challenge. :O)


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    Thank you so much, Kim, for adding my page today! What a fun way to start the week!

    I love just everything about this beautiful page by Kelly!


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    I had so many favorites this week! I just love this one!

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    i just canīt say "no" to a beautiful puppy page - especially when itīs such a wonderful composition as sandyīs page



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    This was one of my favorites this week....Nothing but the Truth by iUma
    aka - justbnsharon
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    I just loved this one by Hubois, so gorgeous!!

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    Thank you, Karen! What a great way to end my night. :O)

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    Thank so much hillareyd!!! Big smile on my face
    My fav this week is "Little Thinker" by Shannamay. I love the photo and way she used a mask.


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    Thank you so much Cassie for mentioning my layout! You have made my day brighter!

  16. Anke, I couldn't get the link you posted to work. I think this is the one of Hubois's layouts to which you were referring. Right?


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    I love Erin's pretty layout of her daughter. Her soft colours choices are just perfect for the sweet photo that was taken some years back when her daughter was 6!


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    Thanks Tracy! I couldn't get the link with this darn windows computer

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    I absolutely love this idea Janet had for part of a wedding a gift, what a fantastic, personal idea, and it looks so great!! This is what I love about scrapping, not just the pages we can create, but the gifts we can give, so we give part of ourselves too. Fantastic Janet.


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