Hello to everyone,
Hope you've all had a great easter time yesterday!!!!
And now... Introducing today's issue of mine..... Threshold adjustments!!!! And as I read somewhere that it takes a village.... here I am again!
Here is my original picture:
I'm onto Cassie's tutorial about Custom PhotoBrushes.
I'm on the threshold adjustments part and here is the best result I come to:

My issue is that I want my threshold adjustments to show the Starbuck cup and the writing on the tee-shirt and I just can't.
I've tried to move layers, to add layers, to change the opacity..... I just somehow dont't manage to get what I want.
Important point: I don't fully understand what I'm doing! As a matter of facts i am not a person with logics, then for me it is an issue in itself to understand layers and their interactions.

So if one of you could help... That would be great!!!!!
If you have a tutorial to recommend concerning layers interactions... that would be great too!
Thank you so much in advance!