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Thread: Project Life Photo problem....

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    Project Life Photo problem....

    OK, I just looked back at my PL pages for the year and there are only three pictures of me (four including the cover page) - two iPhone selfies and one with my friend via camera timer. How do you include yourself in more photos? I know the obvious way - hand the camera to someone else for a while. I guess I just need to remind myself to do this each week.
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    I don't think I have any pictures with me in them... something to think about for sure

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    Because I'm in the camera club I have friends who occasionally take nice photos of me and I get copies. I'm terrible, though, with family gatherings because there's no one I trust to take nice shots. I hand my camera to my DH to take photos but so many either are badly composed or on the wrong setting OR they are photos of me telling him how to compose the shots or get the setting right (I could do a whole spread of my bossy face over the years!!).
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    I made it a goal this year to have more of me in my PL...after all, it is MY life! I've done it a few ways, selfies with the iphone, selfies in the mirror, timer on the camera, and help from Talisa. Which the last one usually doesn't turn out, but she enjoys it (and the camera on a tripod, I still don't have enough trust/faith in an 8yr old to handle my camera).

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    I try to squeeze myself in at least a few times a month. My husband helps because he is the only other family member that can operate my big girl camera :P Most of the everyday stuff doesn't include me. Trying to change that!

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    I'm shocked at the quality photos that my 7 year old takes of me. I think that almost every avatar I've had has been one that she took with either the point and shoot camera or my phone. I've come to accept that I will never be a photo with any kind of composition or depth of field unless I pay a professional and my husband flat out refuses to do anything that remotely resembles a "photo shoot". One vacation, after complaining that our previous vacation album only had one photo of me that was a cheesy one on a Mexican pirate ship, my husband actually made a point to capture a ton of photos of me, which was very sweet. Most were terrible, but he caught a few really nice ones which is all I needed!

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    I was just thinking this same thing yesterday, so I tried to some selfies with my iPhone, as you can see, I need more practice!

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    I generally don't like photo's of me (I am my mother's child - she hated having her picture taken which is why I don't have many of her) but Vincent always offers and I let him. The composition is not always the best but I tend to be able to work around it when using the pic. The best one to take pics of me is my sister - and I'm seeing her this week so I'm hoping for a good shot of me in my PL some time soon! I'm making a pledge to myself to use more pics of me in my PL regardless of whether they're much to my liking or not. After all, as Kim says - this is my life! And I guess my kids will be grateful of the pics in years to come when I'm 'pushing up the daisies' - I sincerely wish I had more pics of both my Mum & Dad.

    As an after thought, I also need to use my tripod and timer more for 'me' pics!

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    This is something I think about often. I always dislike the pictures of myself (hence my avatar from how many years ago?) but I've been making it a point to grab at least a few selfies with the kids and I every so often. Although I even dislike these, I scrapbook them, and ADD them in my PL pages (when I actually DO them). I want my kids to have pictures of me, and of US together...even if they are grainy and terrible and I notice my double one will likely notice the poor composition or depth of field on our photos that others have taken of's just us that notices...and other photographers (which if there are any in our own family...they notice that YOU didn't take it!)

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    I don't think I'm in any of my PL pages - oops - I think I'm in one. I know I need to do better but I really don't like pictures of myself so I tend to avoid them!! I guess I should work on my "issues"!!

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