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Thread: So tell us ... do you love to read magazines???

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    So tell us ... do you love to read magazines???

    I've cut down a lot in recent times, Mike used to go nuts over the mags that would be on the coffee table. But okay hi, I'm Carol, and I'm a magazine-a-holic. Love them. Love the glossy adverts, the short interesting articles that I don't have to place too much concentration on.

    So what magazines do you read?

    * I have a subscription to Women's Running (surprise surprise!!) and on the odd occasions depending on the cover I will buy Runners World (Australian edition)

    * I used to buy Better Homes & Gardens every month, but now it just depends again on the cover. Oooooh the covers are all so important. That's one I have cut down on.

    * And I read Australian Women's Weekly after my mum has finished her copy.

    * Plus one of my greatest joys is spending time at the hairdresser, good conversation, good coffee and the ritzy chi chi magazines that I would never buy in a pink fit.

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  2. Hello, my name is Susan and I buy quilting magazines. I flip through them in the store to see if there is anything inspiring inside. If not, or if it is in a bag...I don't buy it. I didn't think that I had that many, until I tried to find a particular article.....and then there was the shelf collapse....

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    Bwah ha ha ha ha oh I know the feeling. Kind of like recipes I cut out of a magazine and stuff in the cupboard. Oh yeah right, like I'm ever going to make the 40 layer chocolate fondue cream cake !!!! hahahaha

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    This won't surprise anyone who looks at what 99% of my LO's are about. I have a subscription to 'Today's Parent". yep almost 20 years I have been reading and/or getting these magazines. I use to keep them all...until we moved 5 years ago. But my collection is getting big again.

    Lol Susan your post made me laugh!!

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    Gret thread Carol!

    I used to buy scrapbooking mags when I was into paper scrapping until most of them folded. Then I was into buying home improvement type mags but they just depressed me... articles like give your bathroom a makeover on a budget - ha! Their idea of a budget was 10 times more than mine! I used to look longingly at the glorious pics of rooms I would die for, realised I was on a hiding to nothing so boycotted those mags too! Now I just don't buy any at all - to be honest, I think they're a bit of a luxury these days - the prices of some of them are extortionate and those that are cheap are normally filled with celebrity trivia that I have no interest in reading! Besides, I find I'm always coming across articles, etc, on the web which I bookmark yet really don't have the time to read!!!

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    sad to say that print is slowly going away in my world... recently stopped the local newspaper when the content was useless... still subscribe to BH&G... read it when I was a child... kind of a habit now... pass on the dogeared edition to Mom to peruse... running mags were my addiction way back then but those seemed to have the same info repeated or reworded... lost interest...holding on to Cooking Light but that will stop with my current subscription... something about the tactile feel in my hands... don't want to let go but sadly it is happening... come to the point that I get nervous when I have a pile of mags that need attention... have the digital editions for the iPad but it's just not the same...

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    Great thread. I'm Chrissy and I'm also a magazine-aholic!

    I love them, think I could read one on any topic. I love the feel of them, nice and chunky. I read them from the back to the front normally, I've got a soft spot for letters pages, especially in more hobby/specialised magazines - like the Caravan Club one I've just started receiving as we're trying our first caravan holiday this year and joined the club. I used to like reading my dad's classic car magazines, he has a huge collection. I was at a friend's house the other week, she's a face painter, and I spotted Illusion magazine - 'The magazine for face painters'. I so wanted to pick it up to be nosey, find out the burning issues in that world!

    Normally I buy homes magazines - I love 25 Beautiful Homes, and New Scientist to feel smart. Also, I like crochet magazines as they tend to come with a project, and I've been through stages of scrapping magazines, stamping magazines, cross stitch magazines. We also get the Radio Times each week - it's the TV listings, with interviews and puzzles etc. I don't buy a paper every day, but I do choose the Glasgow Herald if I'm at the shops in the morning as I like its crossword.

    I only tend to read 'women's magazines' at the hairdressers, a guilty treat lol! I really don't like gossip ones generally, but occasionally dipping in can be fun if I can tell myself I've not paid for them myself lol!

    So yes, I do love to read magazines - less mental effort than a book, especially on long journeys.
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  8. The first magazine I ever read was my Dad's Inside Detective - great reading for an 8-yr old, right? I love magazines but don't buy as many now as I used to. I used to have a collection of several years of Somerset Studio along with quilting, cross-stitching, and scrapping magazines. I also had a collection of Family Tree and other genealogy magazines. Right now the two magazines on my coffee table or Somerset Digital Studio and Somerset Memories.

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    I used to subscribe to several scrapbooking magazines but most of them are now defunct! Until recently I did have subscriptions to a home decor mag and Chatelaine. I ended the home decor one because they had such ridiculously impractical designs - I mean who would have a white couch and chairs when they have young children??? The only other one I buy sometimes is Real Simple.

  10. I'm not sure I've ever had a magazine subscription my whole life. But when I am in America (or when I can convince a visiting friend to stash one in their bag) I treat myself to Real Simple. I love the pictures (mostly!) and there are some fun, simple tips that I appreciate as well. Years ago I also used to love picking up Martha Stewart Weddings, just to look at the fun table-setting ideas for the receptions, as they were ideas that could easily spill over into good-themed party hosting.

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    I love magazines and recently had a good offer for a lot of them really cheap. Growing up I used Bon Appetit and Gourmet to teach myself to cook. Those were some good foundation magazines back in my youth; kind of like learning to sew with Vogue patterns. You learn serious skills. Now, periodically, I order Bon Appetit when it's been a year or two since I've had it. I pluck a coupon from a store copy and do the 12 issues for $12.

    Recently one I've started enjoying is Taste of Home. Simple cooking mag that I pass on to my younger granddaughter who I hope will branch out past desserts. She's got a very serious sweet tooth. I also use it for ideas I can use in cooking for the hospice guests each week. Cooking outside my own kitchen with food bought by someone else is a challenge. I also never can be sure if I'll have 6 guests or only 2 or 3 and some may not be eating at all. At least they can now have most anything they want at this stage of their life.

    Another magazine we've all liked is the Atlantic. I read it and pass it on to my son and dil. The Rolling Stone goes to my grandson in college and the Economist is my dh's and then also goes to son and dil. Marie Claire was not the mag I thought it was and elder granddaughter gets that one but isn't that keen. I have also come to like HGTV magazine but a year was almost enough.

    And...I am one of those who has years of the Martha Stewart magazines from the first year. I can't bear to get rid of them and can't be bothered to make the effort to sell them. Baaaad!
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    I subscribe to three magazines: Southern Living, Food Network Magazine, and HGTV Magazine. For some strange reason, however, I'm getting Self, Allure, and Family Circle free. I think they're hoping I'll subscribe, but they're wrong. I also got Architectural Digest free for about a year. I did consider subscribing to that one because I loved looking at all those houses in which I will never live. Ten thousand dollars for a loveseat?? I don't think so. Plus the writers use the word bespoke WAY too much -- can we say pretentious?

    Oops, forgot I also get TV Guide -- I started subscribing to that when I cancelled the daily newspaper because I realized all I was using it for was the TV listings, and a subscription to TV Guide was cheaper.

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    I love food/cooking magazines! I have to limit myself to 2 though - Super Food Ideas and Recipes+. And I even cook from them and use them for my meal planning. I think I have bought every issue of Super Food Ideas since 2003 so I'm at a point where I need to donate some I think! They are taking over! LOL! Occasionally I'll buy an exercise/health type magazine but I find a lot of the information in those is repeated.

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    The only subscription I've ever had was Forbes when I was in collage and I got it for . . . wait for it . . . the ads! The advertisements in that magazine were amazing! The photography, the graphics, the fonts . . . I was in marketing and I don't think I ever read a single article. lol Now, if I wasn't so cheap, I'd have a subscription to several of the Somerset magazines, but . . . well, yeah.

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    Meh. Really the only ones I look at anymore are cooking magazines. I guess I just don't have time these days!

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  16. I used to get quite a few....then dwindled down to just a couple photography ones, now I just read content on their much easier when you can click and make the print bigger. #neverwillgetusedtothesebifocals

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  17. Well, I read many (Real Simple, Food Network, Paper Crafts etc.) but I get them at the library.

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    I love them too, but it's so sad to see them struggling. I have had Better Homes and Gardens, Reader's Digest, Creating Keepsakes over the years, but the one I can't give up is Southern Living. I have so much nostalgia for the mag; it is based in my home town, I've known people who work there, and for years I've looked forward to the monthly tips on gardening, home decorating and cooking! But nowadays I have a hard time keeping up with reading each issue and they are literally taking over my nightstand lol.

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  19. Oh what a fun thread! I too am a magazineaholic. For years it was Cooking Light, it was that chocolate cake on the cover. Before that it was the Atlantic. Still have a bunch of Creating Keepsakes which I use for reference. Better Homes and Gardens off and on. the British versions of Country Living, but now that they have re-done their 'look' it has lost its uniqueness my interest. Fortunately, Country Homes & Interiors still has a fantastic look. My digital version doesn't feel as good as the real thing however.

    This was fun to see what everyone else likes!

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    I used to love magazine, but I have for many years now gone all digital. It's not the same as the old paper mag, but it does give me the fuzzy feeling that I am saving trees. (Or so I make myself believe).
    If I buy, it's online through Zinio or Magzter. It's usually photography or fitness magazines.

    I subscribe to two digital magazine: Click (a photography magazine from ClickinMoms) and FitnessRX for Women.
    * Aino *

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    I recently discovered that I can access ALL of the magazines that my library subscribes to through Zinio, so I've been downloading them like crazy! US Weekly (guilty pleasure!), Food Network magazine, O, Better Homes and Garden, and more! They don't have HGTV magazine though so I do still subscribe to that, and I have a paper subscription to Real Simple LOVE magazines!

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    I used to buy lot of magazines. Really, really lot of them! And (of course) I spent lot of money for them. But one a day I said to myself : "STOP!!! There is no place at home to keep them all! Think how many of scrapbooking supplies you can buy for the money you spend for these magazines!" It was difficult for me couse I was obviously addicted but now I'm "magazine free". I don't buy them at all! Ok, I have "Better Homes" subscription on my IPad, but that's really all. I discovered that I can read all magazines while visiting the hairdresser. I usually spent there 2-3 hours every second month so it's enough to read everything I need

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    Jess, I can't wait to see if my library allows the same access to magazines! I suspect it's like ebooks, one ebook can only be read by one person at a time. I used to borrow ones from the library but there are evil people who Cut Pages OUT! Fie on them! Before getting married again, it was also a night at the library for me when I read the current ones. I may do that again some time because it was fun.
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    When I have subscribed to magazines over the last several years, I usually only flip through them, but never really read them. So I don't subscribe anymore. As a teen though I love YM and Seventeen, I don't even know if those magazines are around anymore.
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    I haven't bought any in about 6 months or so, but I have a shelf of Food Network Magazine, and I like to read Weight Watchers magazines. I used to like the New Yorker in print, but have moved to the digi version. Magazines and books are a weakness of mine, but I am clearing them out. At one point I must have had 4 bookcases full of books and I am down to 1 now, but it is huge! And then, the books and magazines at school don't count!

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    When I was younger my faves were Good Housekeeping and Glamour. As I aged, I moved on to Better Homes & Gardens, National Geographic and Sunset. Once I discovered scrapbooking, I started buying scrapbook magazines like Scrapbook Trends, Scrapbooks ETC. and Creating Keepsakes. Now I only buy Digital Studio when it comes out and like others read magazines I find at the Dentist/Doctors office or at the hairdresser. I agree with Agnieszka, it is more fun to spend my money on scrapbooking supplies. Whenever I do look at a magazine, I am only seeing scrapbooking ideas and am guilty of tearing out something I think I might like to try. There are some great ideas in my DH Bicycling magazine! Who would have thought.

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