After watching a video about it on Terry White's Tech Blog, I decided to download the Lightroom Mobile App on my iPad. It's free to download from the app store and using the app to sync photos between LR on your desktop and your iPad is for free for subscribers to Adobe Cloud Services (including the Photographers deal for CS and LR)

It really works slick. I am not sure that I will do much editing of photos using my iPad, but, it is nice for getting photos taken with the iPad directly exported into LR from my iPad. I also may use it to show family and friends a collection of photos edited in LR on my iPad. I would think professional photographers would like this feature for showing their portfolios to a clients.

I may use this instead of the Photo Transfer app for transferring photos from my iPad to my desktop computer. I will still use PhotoTransfer for my iPhone photos.

Lightroom mobile is available now on iPad 2 or later, and works on iOS7 or later.

I would be interested in learning how others are thinking of using this app.