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    I am in search of a Photography Hosting Website. I use to have a SmugMug account. But since their upgrade in site and cost I have chosen to close that account. I am not looking to sell my photos for a profit but rather just share them. I like Shutterfly in some aspects. I love their huge photo display along with slideshow. I don't always feel they are user friendly. But the biggest reason for not wanting to use them is because I personally do not care for the quality results of the photos. ESPECIALLY when they can have them printed in an hour at Target. *shudder* I love Target but the prints turn out embarrassingly horrible. On Smugmug I used ezprints. I, along with my customers were thrilled with the quality. Bayphoto has a really nice printing service also. So ezprint and Bayphoto is the quality and service I am looking for. I've heard good things about Mpix. I did read where they will only host for the photos 60 days. If there is inactivity then Mpix has the right to remove the gallery. That's what worries me. Some months can be busy with photo activity and then I can hit a lull. Would love feedback on your experience with Mpix or if you have any other site reference that I might have missed. TIA!

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    Okay my first thoughts is to use Flickr to save your pics. It's free and you get a truckload of space.

    And then get your photos printed at Persnickety Prints, you can add your photos to Persnickety for printing directly from Flickr as I understand it. And Persnickety printing is really good.

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    If you like EZprints they are affiliated with FLICKR
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    I use Mpix personally and professionally. The quality is outstanding. I dont have any experience with storing and sharing files there though. :/

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  5. Thanks for all the input. I chose to go with Mpix. I didn't realize Flickr was affiliated with ezprints so that's great to know. I've heard great things about Persnickety Prints and was tempted there as well, so I will keep them in my mind for future needs. Bailey I had a friend that I shared photos with at Mpix. She was wondering about their frame quality. Have you ever had any experience with their frames? Also what other products have you ordered from Mpix? Just for my knowledge incase someone else might ask. Thanks again!

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