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Thread: Thank goodness for order updates....

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    Thank goodness for order updates....

    So here I am searching through the items on sale and I find myself clicking on a product (quite a few times) thinking that I need to add it to my wish list. Then when I click on it I find out I already have purchased it thanks to the order update in bright yellow LOL!! How many of you do this same thing?! I think this is a good way of telling me I need to get in gear and figure out how to use my ACDSee to its full potential! But who wants to organize when it is so much more fun to scrap

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    This is a wonderful function for the DD store!
    I too find that I think I need something which I already have . . . I imagine that we aren't the only two people who do this!!

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    LOL that feature has saved my bacon so many times! Even though I keep a spread sheet of purchased products, it is hard to remember them all! Often I forget if I actually have purchased something or if it is in my wish list. I can't tell you how many times I've said
    thank you Randy" to my computer!

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    good to know you like your own taste that happens to me all the time.

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    that is one of THE best features, I used to do this all the time!!!

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    Yes, been there, done that! It's a fantastic feature of the DD site!

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    Me too! Not to be a downer or anything, but we have been warned that this feature will be going away when Randy gets the new shopping cart going (not available) warned!

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    I, too, am very consistent! Same items end up in my basket all the time! Thank goodness for that feature!

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    That's one of the features that Randy worked diligently on and I'm so happy to see a thread started on it. Thank's Randy. We love it! :O)

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    I am too new for that to happen yet .. But good to know! I still have tons and tons to buy
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