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Thread: Lytro Light Field Camera

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    Lytro Light Field Camera

    Some people were interested in my new camera.....the Lytro Light Field Camera.

    Here is a link to the site:

    basically it takes a photo which has everything in focus but not at the same time. With their software you can alter the focus but to use it in a page you have to DECIDE where you want the focus and the export as a jpeg.

    Here is a first.....made into a page.

    Serious fun to play with...

    It is tiny and I'm taking it with me to NYC for a quick weekend get away in the midst of the destruction of my garden/construction of my yoga room and studio!!

    I'll let you know how it works....
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    Doris posted this a couple of years ago....
    Sounds like fun, big is the file?

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    Fun to know about new specialty cameras! Thanks, iUma and Susan!

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    Oooh, I remember reading about that camera and hoping to hear more from actual users. Please keep us posted with pros and cons.

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    Very interesting! TFS

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