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Thread: Disneyland, Paris surprise!

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    Disneyland, Paris surprise!

    We've booked a 3 night stay in Disneyland Paris and I couldn't be more excited! We haven't told the children yet - we go on Easter Monday, so not too long to wait!
    The thing is I want to make the grand reveal special - I want them to know about a week before hand. Anticipation (like advent - is just as important as the big thing in my book!) I've even made a kind of Disneyland countdown calendar with Disney treats everyday leading up to when we go!
    The kids really *really* want to go to Disneyland - but we've said it's too expensive for this year! (and oh boy, is it expensive but we got such a good deal with half board meals) I can't wait to see their faces when we tell them! Any ideas for the big reveal?!
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  2. When I ran the Disney Half Marathon in January 2008 with a group of friends, the trip was a surprise Christmas present for Isabel. I made an album, I was a paper scrapper at the time. I used a Tinkerbell sticker, in which Tinkerbell was resting her head on her hands, and made a card under her arms, so that it looked as if she was leaning on it. In a glitzy sticker alpha, I wrote "make a wish" on the front and inside it said "admit one to Disney World" and the dates. I wrapped it and placed it under the tree. I could see her roll her eyes as she removed the wrapping paper and saw the album....but the look on her face when she opened the little flap was priceless...and I got it on film. Hope that you have a super time!

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    Wow Georgina! How exciting! I don't think I'm very good at surprises but maybe get your suitcases out and have them help with the packing is a start?!

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    Susan - I love your make a wish idea! So cute!
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    Georgina whatever you do, scrap the reveal so we can see their faces!!

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    How exciting - you'll have so much fun.

    maybe a treasure hunt? They could look for a word at a time: We - are - going to - .... DISNEYLAND!

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    Oh Lynn, that is such a cool idea!! What a wonderful surprise, Georgina!! They will love it!! (Btw, every time I see your name I am reminded of the Five Friends Series by Enid Blyton, with the main character wanting to be called George LOL. Happy memories)

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    Oh, wowee... this will be soooooo amazing!!! (Although I'm sad you aren't coming to Disneyland in CA... it's only 20 minutes from me! But, then again... I think I'd love to join you in PARIS! ) Anyways, I can't wait to see how you choose to share this with the kids! They will be over the moon, I'm sure!

    ETA: So this sounded like so much fun, I just Googled "surprise trip to Disneyland" and came up with a few places/ideas to check out... maybe one will peek your interest!

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    Thank you sooooo much ladies! Some great ideas! Anke my friends all call me George and so does my DH. I however don't like Georgie very much ( I was teased at school with boys singing the 'Georgie Pordgie pudding and pie' rhyme!)
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  10. How fun! I agree that anticipation adds to the value of the surprise trip! A treasure hunt for clues is a great idea. Perhaps, at the last clue revealed there could be an item they will take with them, like a little notebook for recording what they do at Disney Land.

    Have fun, Georgina! It will be so fun to see the photos you take!

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    Oh wow - how exciting! Cannot wait to see a pic of their excited little faces!!!

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