Here's is what I am thinking for our online/virtual doTERRA essential oils party, please let me know what you all think!

We can have the "party" the first week of April. This way, you can each look over some information that I will post in this thread, PM me questions about what may be best for a certain issue, and we can wait for some new product to be released. I noticed that several of you were interested in the Slim & Sassy oil that I take daily. This oil has helped cut back on my desire to eat all of the time and cut me away from sweets completely. I also find that I have more energy! Yesterday at the doTERRA retreat, they announced a new Slim & Sassy soft gel.

I am putting together a list of the oils that I have really come to love, several more that I have used a lot, and some that my good friends have found wonderful as well.

Again, PM me with any questions, and I will point you in the right direction for which oil may be the best. I have a great book that goes into detail about each oil; botanical family, extraction method, common primary uses, common application methods.

There is also this great site; Everything Essential, to refer to for areas on interest (I believe Sharon referred to this as well)

Please keep in mind if you PM me, I am not a heath care professional. I have a love for these oils and I am helping out others the best that I can. I am also a wife and a mother, my family comes first. Please allow up to 48 hours for me to respond (it will usually be a lot sooner).