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Thread: Any Suggestions for Sydney, Australia?

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    Smile Any Suggestions for Sydney, Australia?

    I'm taking a page from Thessh here but wanted to ask advice about an upcoming trip. We're heading to Australia! We're going for almost two weeks, spending half the time in Port Stephens, up the coast from Sydney and the other half in Sydney itself. Our two kids will be with us, 15 (ds) and 12 (dd). If anyone has been, any suggestions on things we absolutely shouldn't miss? We plan to visit the Opera House and go to Bondi Beach. Also, if you have any restaurant suggestions, that would be appreciated, too! We're a family of foodies and I swear, my kids are more adventurous than I am when it comes to eating so we're game for anything.



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    It is a LONG time since I was in Sydney, so I'm a bit rusty, but here are my suggestions. You must spend time at the Rocks - the oldest part of the city near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, lots of shops and markets and food places and historic buildings. If your kids are adventurous (and your budget allows) the family would enjoy a walk across the Bridge. We stayed at the Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments in Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is a great location, lots of food and nightlife, just across from the Aquarium and a short ferry trip to all the interesting places.
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    Oh my goodness last time I was in Sydney was in 2012 for a finale weekend. Don't mind some of my 12wbt photos at the start of this post, but there are some sightseeing photos I took on my blog HERE.

    Yes yes, you are going to love it. Have you got your accommodation planned in Sydney already? And what time of year are you going?

    You can't go past a ferry trip around the harbour. Yes you can pay $'s to go on one of the ritzy cruise ships, but it's just as fun to go on a normal ferry and you can get on/off at the different vantage points along the way.

    And it's unforgettable getting to walk across the top of the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, I've done it twice, spectacular.

    The Rocks area is also a must, it's old worldish, lots of little alleys and laneways and the most amazing little shops and eateries (like the left handed shop) or fantastic jewellery shops. And during the weekend, Sunday's I think, the laneways come alive with a market place with the most unique gifts and wares. The Rocks Market is really great.

    As for food, when we went we just stumbled onto eateries as we went, but I know when we went while we were on our honeymoon, it was a big thing for my husband to eat at Doyles (which is a famous seafood place).

    Fun fun. Too bad we live so far down south, otherwise we could have had a mini DD-meet up.

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    Thanks Carollee and Esther. We are leaving soon - Sunday night to be exact. But are going to Port Stephens first then returning to Sydney for the final week. Love the idea of the harbour cruise and being able to get on and off. Thanks for that suggestion! And I have read about the Rocks so looking forward to visiting that are as well. Thanks, too, for the suggestion of Doyle's. Think I had heard or read about it someplace. Sounds like a good one. We love seafood so should be very happy in Sydney!

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    You'll have a fabulous time!

    Darling Harbour is fun for kids (though yours might be a bit old). Ditto the ferry to the zoo. You can also get a ferry (slow ferry or fast cat) over to the beach at Manly which makes a nice day out. (That used to be my daily commute - I would curse the slow sightseeing tourists as I tried to rush off to get to work LOL!)

    Balmain has some interesting shops and cafes - you can catch the ferry there then walk up the main street and get a bus back into the city centre.

    From the Rocks you can walk along Argyle St under the overpass into Miller's Point - it's like a time capsule of old houses. Then you can walk back along the waterfront to the Rocks.

    Newtown is the place for grunge and alternative shops and cafes.

    Beach wise, bronte is nicer than Bondi ( although you "need' to go to Bondi!)

    A day trip to the Blue Mountains is well worth it.


  6. Oh, it sounds like a fabulous trip, Wendy! Enjoy!

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    We spent a few days in Sydney a couple of years ago and had a great time! You definitely need to take advantage of the ferry system to go to Bondi or to Manly for the day and to take one of the other routes just around the Bay. We spent a day at Darling Harbour, visited the Maritime Museum there (fascinating) and went back there to eat again another evening. We managed to pick up some last minute tickets to take in a production at the Sydney Opera House which is not to be missed just for the experience (there's also a great backstage tour there). Chinatown is also very interesting and is just to the east of George Street, one of the main thoroughfares (also has lots of restaurants).

    Have a wonderful time!!!

  8. Have a wonderful trip sounds fabulous!!!

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    Thanks everyone. Can't believe we're leaving tonight. I so appreciate the wealth of information here!




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