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Thread: So tell us ... What are you looking forward to this year?

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    So tell us ... What are you looking forward to this year?

    Crikeys it's March already! How did that happen? Two months gone, but the year is still young. So tell us ... What are you looking forward to in the remaining months of the year? Do you have any special events coming up, family occasions, fabulous happenings?

    For me of course I'm looking forward to the birth of a grandbaby at the end of June. Absolutely cannot wait to become a nanna to this precious baby. I'm also looking forward to turning 50 this year. I've told Mike all I want for my birthday is a photographic portrait of the two of us and the four (now) adult children. It's up to him to arrange. Hmmmm ;-).

    What about you?

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    So excited that get to become a nanna! I am so excited that in about 6 weeks time Eric will be done school! It's been a long 4 years of school but he's so close to being done finally. We also have my sister gettin married and Eric's brother getting married this summer. Lots of excitement around here!

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    I am of course looking forward to spending time in Charleston. I wish I could pack a bag right now and escape this endless winter So I am definitely looking forward to heat! Gabby is starting College this year, so that will be a change and Michael is entering High School, another biggy.

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    I'm looking forward to our summer holidays. After many years I've finally worn Peter down enough that he's agreed to try a caravan holiday! We're being a bit wussy by getting my parents to tow their caravan to the site, then we'll meet them there. Baby steps though!

    I'm so looking forward to the freedom for the kids, I remember we could just spend each day cycling round and exploring, and there's so much more freedom in terms of meal times than in a hotel!
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  5. I'm looking forward to moving! We have been in a small little apartment since we moved here over 7 years ago, and at that time when we just had a 13-month-old, it was perfect. Now, well, feels small, mostly because we don't have anything yard-like for the kids to run and play in. So we have been apartment/condo shopping all week, with a couple hopeful prospects. The idea of packing seems overwhelming to me, but I am SO looking forward to the 'fresh start' and open feel that comes with a new place.

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    I'm excited for our trip out west in June. We're flying into San Francisco for a few days and then renting an RV and heading out to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. We plan on doing a lot of hiking so I'm looking forward to warmer weather here and getting outside for some long walks.

  7. Sounds like an exciting year coming up for everyone! With God's blessings, we will celebrate my Mom's 90th birthday this year. We have our usual bowling tournament trips to Vegas during the summer. Would love to be able to make a trip to the East Coast to visit friends and family and sightsee. We will celebrate our 45th anniversary this year ... hard to believe it's been that long! Looking forward to seeing the grandkids and kids this summer.

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    Another great thread Carol! You are the fun-thread-instigator for sure!!

    So many things to look forward to!
    There is a weekend trip in the end of March for my dh & kids, then come summer we are going on a cruise for the first time & we are really excited about it! (Around the Mediterranean)
    This summer my I hope my sister and her family will come and visit us for the first time in Israel. So that is really exciting!
    Then of course in Sept Maya will start first grade - which is a REALLY big deal to us all.

    It's always a blessing to have fun things to look forward to.
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    We have a short trip planned to the lake house in Georgia in about three weeks, but the big trip this year is to Scandinavia and Russia in early June. We're going with our good friends and traveling partners of over 20 years, but for the first time, we're going with a tour. We didn't think we wanted to tackle Russia on our own.

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    Nothing as exciting as you carol! :-)

    We are having an "economy drive" year, when we will hopefully work really hard, spend very little ... then blow a fair amount of it on a trip somewhere exciting at the very end of the year/January next year.

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    This year is shaping up to be quite a year. My husband Tony is only 3 weeks away from completing the Denver fire academy (five years in the making). And, I just recently decided to return to school to get my teacher certification so I can be a full time teacher It has been a LONG time since I was in school so this should be interesting but now that Tony is done I will have some more help around the house

    And, we always count down to summer. We can't wait to get those swimsuits on and hop on a waterslide!!! Well, I'm not super anxious to get into a suit but I have three months to get ready right?

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    I am looking forward to selling our home! We built it almost 10 years ago and at the time, 5 of us lived in it. But now, being empty nesters, this house is way too big for just the two of us. It has been on the market for almost one year now...::keeping our fingers crossed:: I am ready to go much smaller with less to take care of!

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    Waiting for new grandchild to arrive here, too! And hoping/looking forward to getting some decent respite care organised for Claire. A break without worrying what impact she's having on either my mum or Bonnie will be nice.

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    Our house is hitting the market tomorrow and it looks like it is already sold so we will be moving to a condo or something for just over a year.That move will probably be in April. No major vacations planned but we always try to get a trip in to visit the grands and David's mother. So that will involve travel to Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee and South Carolina. We want to make a trip to the Houston area to scout out where we might like to live when we move in a little over a year. Actually, I feeling like it might be a year of feeling that we are in a bit of upheaval - the key is to roll with it!! It's an exciting adventure!
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    I'm looking forward to the current tour being OVER... I would love to wake up in my own bed on a Saturday...
    And I really look forward to our work-related weekend trip to Istanbul at the end of March!
    June 7th is a HUGE day for us business-wise. Our biggest client/artist will be the first Swedish solo artist - ever - to play and headline at Ullevi, the soccer stadium in Gothenburg! With somewhere around 60.000 tickets, we have some major planning, designing and printing to do...
    My husband's niece is getting married this summer and my husband is turning 50 in August!

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    I just found out there is going to be a new baby in the family! My niece is pregnant. That is very exciting. You can bet that I'll be taking a few baby photos!
    I am also looking forward to a trip in September. We are going to explore Malaysia for three weeks, staying with a relative, so that should be fabulous.
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    Wow! So many things you ladies have got to look forward too!

    It's a bit of a quiet year for us, I think. (You should've asked me this last year Carol! Haha!) I'm looking forward to spending a week with Jodie and the boys in the summer and I'm hoping and praying that some thing more permanent and local comes up on the job front for Dewald so I can worry a little less about him and Hayley. Other than that, we're on a bit of an economy drive so I'm looking forward to seeing how that (and my bank balance) progresses!

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    I am eager to have preschool tuition behind me! Only 3 more tuition checks. However, at the same time I am not looking forward to her going to kindergarten. (but secretly hoping for more scrapping time)

    We are hoping to go to Moab for a mini family vacation this spring. I just need to reasearch on line where we would stay and what hikes the girls would enjoy. And pray the river isn't too cold so we can go rafting!
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    Its shaping up to be a busy year for us. Les turned 60 in January which we are currently celebrating with a week in Hawaii (he also went back country skiing). I'm definitely enjoying the week away from winter weather. In May, we're planning on doing a driving tour down through Washington, Oregon, and California for about a month. Our younger daughter Diane, is getting married at the end of September outside Montreal so we will be traveling down east for about a month then. She's pretty much doing all the planning herself - I can't wait! After the wedding, we thought we'd spend a week or so in NYC since we've never been. We'll take my mum with us too as its somewhere she's always wanted to go and, at 80, there probably won't be many other opportunities. We'll spend Canadian Thanksgiving down there, then come home.

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    It is fun to read about everyone's plans!

    I have been thinking about how we could travel with our trikes, and our dogs, and stay dry for several years. This idea was always in the back of my mind, even when I knew that I couldn't leave my dad for very long. Last summer, I actually put the plan in place. I saved up and bought a small cargo trailer to convert to a camper so we could travel (its always been a bit sticky to stay in hotels with our dogs). We are still working on it, but plans are in place and some of the reservations have been made for my first summer of travel.

    We are going to ride the Great Allegheny Pass that runs from Pittsburgh, joins the C & O and ends in Washington DC. Then we will drive to Maine and spend a month or so there. And then, if all goes well, we will explore the Outer Banks of North Carolina before we return home so I can go back to work in August!

    I have been teaching for 12 years and this will be the first time I will fully take advantage of the summer break.

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    There are certainly some great adventures in place - so fun to read about it all. And I can't believe it's March already, either. Seems like school just started and in a few short months, this one will be in the books!

    We've got quite a few travel plans in place but for starters, I'm leaving for NYC on Thursday with 3 other girlfriends. Our high school choir is performing at Carnegie Hall and I'm thrilled to be going and have never done a "girlfriend trip" before, leaving my family behind. We've got a big family trip planned over spring break and are taking the kids to Sydney, Australia and then on to Port Stephens for some fishing. I've never been "down under" and am so excited about it. In June, we're taking the kids to New Orleans for their first trip there and will probably take a look at Tulane University. Even though our son, Wes, will have just finished his freshman year in HS, it seems like it's never to early to start looking around at possibilities. Then in July, we'll be going to the Big Island of Hawaii for about 2 weeks for lots of fishing. In December, my DH and I celebrate our 20th anniversary so that will probably entail a trip somewhere, just not sure where yet! A big year!

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    Well, I'm mostly looking forward to not seeing snow again. That's a big wish for me, and an unusual one for this snow lover.

    We have a trip to Italy, Turin, coming up soon and then it appears to be a quiet few months. My big looking-forward-to is to my birthday this year. I turn 70 and that just amazes me! I want to have a party with all the women friends who have been important to me over the years so I know I have planning ahead. My dh is taking my 14 y.o. granddaughter to Alaska in August to go fishing so I'll have a week or so to finalize all the bits and pieces.
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    It's so fun to hear of all of the exciting travel plans among our group--WOW!

    I am thrilled to be anticipating the birth of our first grandchild, due in late September. The grin hasn't left my face since we heard the news a couple of weeks ago!

    I am also looking forward to ending the year smaller than I started it! DH and I began a weight loss adventure through diet and exercise on January 6. He has lost 30 pounds already, and I'm alternating between thrilled for him and green with envy. It's been slower for me, despite the fact that we're eating and exercising the same, but I have dropped about 18 pounds. My starting goal was to lose 80 pounds (yikes), so I obviously still have a long way to go, but at least the project is begun!

    I am also looking forward to finishing up the 'settling in' process at our new home. We're picking up a final few pieces of furniture, starting to hang things on the walls, and putting up the final draperies. In the spring (which in MN means late May or early June.....), we'll get our driveway installed, our deck and porch built, and our landscaping and patio done. It will be so fun to see those projects progress.

  24. *Applause* Well done, Connie! 18 lb is a big accomplishment, don't let his darned male metabolism discourage you! Rooting for you! (and congrats on the Grandma-to-be thing too!)

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    Lots of exciting changes out there!

    Cody and I have been working hard to be ready for the advanced level tracking test. I am sending in entries and I hope I make the draw. (There are always more entries than slots so there is a draw.)

    The other thing that has been consuming my time is planning for a kitchen remodel. There are so many decisions to make! They are about to start making the cabinets. Maybe in a month or two I'll have remodel layouts and photos to share!

    Terese, sounds like a great vacation. You'll love it. Yosemite is one of my most favorite places in the whole world. GREAT hiking!
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    Green with envy of you Denise, I sooooooo need a new kitchen.

    And Connie a high five jumping around over here at 18 pounds, that's terrific.

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