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Thread: Favourite presets for LR

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    Favourite presets for LR

    So I'm really enjoying LR 5 - however none of my LR3 presets are compatible
    So it's that age old question - what are your favourite presets for LR 5?
    I've been looking at the 'workflow set' from Pretty Presets and also the B&W ones too!
    Any recommendations? Xx
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    Jared Platt's!
    I never normally spend money on things like this but after watching his classes on creative live I was sold and I was able to get them at 50% off. I love his approach to LR presets. They are divided up into categories - vignette, film pack, black and white, contrast and sharpening, etc - with the idea that you apply the combination you are after. I get a bit frustrated with presets that are like magic recipes and do whole combination of mysterious things because you end up with so many to flick through in the hope of finding the perfect one.
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    I like Pretty Presets' workflow sets. The workflow sets allow you to "layer" various presets on your photo. I also like their brush adjustments set.

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    I don't use LR for editing, but I do know that a Pure Actions For Photographers have actions for LR and a Photoshop. They may still be on sale.... I believe 55% off the entire store!

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    I don't use a lot of presents in LR because so many of my shots are a one-off but when I do, I also have Jared Platt's that I got when they were on sale during the Creative Live broadcast.

    Georgina, what type of presets did you use in LR3?
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