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    Tomorrow, Thursday, February 27th

    Marks one year since the passing of my dear friend and store designer, Pattie Knox. She is missed every day and it's hard to believe it's already been one year. I'll be volunteering at a #readleadachieve event thru an organization I'm involved in and I'll be thinking about Pattie all day. Thinking about how she touched so many lives with her job in education and her job here scrapbooking and creating scrapbook products since I started DesignerDigitals. She is greatly missed.
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    Goodness Katie, I didn't realise it was a year already tomorrow. How nice of you to be volunteering at the event tomorrow, I'm sure Pattie would like that and she'll be watching down over you. I didn't know Pattie as well as a lot of the DD community but I sure miss her and her delightful products.

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    I absolutely cannot believe that it's been a year, how quickly that time has flown since her beautiful smiling face has graced our forums and galleries. So missed.

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    Yes, she is missed, I feel fortunate to have some of her supplies. I smile a little each time I see them.

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    How quickly this year has gone by, but she is not forgotten. Many times I will be looking through the gallery and see some of her products pop up and they bring such a smile to my face. She is dearly missed.

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    We'll be thinking of and missing her with you, Katie.

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    Oh, a year already! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Chrissy x

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    Just five minutes ago I was back in the CT gallery of a year ago and found myself on that page of layouts seeing her Pattie's smiling face, and then I came here and saw this thread. It brought it all back. Such a loss to so many people.

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    The school where Pattie worked is building a pavilion and dedicating it in her honor, "Pattie's Pavilion." I'm going with Tiffany tomorrow to a gathering of Pattie's co-workers and friends to announce it. It will be hard.
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Oh Lynnie and Katie.....I am so sorry for your (our) loss and I can't imagine how hard it will be tomorrow at the school. She was an inspiration to many.

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    It's hard to believe it's been a year. I miss Pattie's delightful sense of humor and her terrific products. What a wonderful way to remember Pattie at her school with a pavilion.

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    Hard to believe it is a year already. I miss her wonderful sense of humour around here for sure - she had such a talent for making us laugh. Will be thinking of you Katie & Lynnie as you remember Pattie in those special ways. {hugs}

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    It is incredible to think that it has been a year.

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    It's hard to believe it has already been a year. Miss her dearly.

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    I hadn't realized the date, but I have found myself thinking about her so much in the past week. I still forget she's not just an email away sometimes, and I long to be able to bounce things off her and ask for advice, and share joys and triumphs as well as sadness and difficulties...she was always so helpful and supportive no matter what was going on. She would be annoyed though if she thought we were moping around about her, so I will do what I can to make her proud tomorrow.
    LOVES it here!

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    Oh Lynnie, what a bitter/sweet moment that will be for you and Tiffany.

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  17. I miss Pattie so much.

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    Pattie's Pavilion - I love it.....I'll have you all in my thoughts tomorrow.
    I've thought of Pattie so often this past year and still miss her so much.

    Quote Originally Posted by grandma lynnie View Post
    The school where Pattie worked is building a pavilion and dedicating it in her honor, "Pattie's Pavilion." I'm going with Tiffany tomorrow to a gathering of Pattie's co-workers and friends to announce it. It will be hard.

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    I also think of Pattie often. It really is so sad. I love that she will have a place dedicated to her. My thoughts go out to you who stood close to her.
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  20. It's so hard to believe we've been without her for a year! When I scroll through my supplies and I see her products, I smile and cry at the same time!

  21. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you as you remember Pattie today.
    Debbie Douglas aka Minideb
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    Pattie's Pavilion. That just sounds like a happy place! I pulled out the papers from Pattie's classes last week, and have Mad Digital Skills on my desk. I suspect she's been nudging all of us with a bit of love.
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  23. Firsts are hard. My thoughts are with Pattie and her family (related and not) today.

  24. I so miss her.

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    I can't even believe it's been a year. I am so often reminded of her when I come across her things and when her kids post photos.... so so sad
    I am so very sorry for both of you and every member of the family!

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    I miss Pattie's kind, sweet words of wisdom. It's hard to believe it's been a year already!

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  27. We lost Pattie way too soon! My thoughts and prayers will be with all those who gather to dedicate Pattie's Pavillion to her memory.

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  28. There is a huge Pattie-shaped hole in hearts across the world for sure. I hope the gathering and the memory-sharing and the memory-making can fill and warm the hearts that need it most!

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    its so lovely that she is so thought of she's going to be chuckling about that somewhere Patties pavilion is going to be the best place ever!! give her family my love Lynn, and all our well wishes.
    I often find myself thinking Pattie would be proud of me for this or Pattie would be mad at me for that LOL
    Bonnie too, on Facebook up pops her picture now and then and tugs at my heart strings, reminds me of what both these strong determined women told me to stand for. Love them.
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    Missing Pattie today - she is so special to all of us here at DD. I hope her family found comfort today at Pattie's Pavilion.
    Amy Mallory


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