My car recently needed a new battery, and of course I couldn't find the radio code afterwards. Cue two weeks of silence while driving - I hated it!! Too easy to get into your own thoughts then. I gave up in the end and visited my local Renault garage for a new code. I'm so much happier now! (Well, except that the car is now back in the garage needing a new exhaust, but hey ho).

So, what tunes do you like while driving? Hard rock? Something with a beat? Or do you prefer the silence?

I'm lucky to live in the country, so a lot of my driving is along quiet country roads where I can put my foot down. I do like a song I can sing loudly to, at the moment I'm loving a bit of Stereophonics, I always like the Foo Fighters for loudness, and if I'm really needing to get a bad mood shifted I pull out the Meatloaf CD lol! Apart from that, I'm still on a 90s kick, my sister lent me a 5CD set of 90s tunes and those are just fun to play in the car. Reminding me of being a student.

I've just signed up for a trial of Spotify, so am making up some playlists to use. Would love some more suggestions to add.