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Thread: Running induced allergy???

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    Running induced allergy???

    I know some of you are runners and just wondered if any of you had any experience of running induced allergies?

    Odd, I know, but it's driving me mad. I run on a treadmill in the gym... I'm a plodder.... At the moment I'm running a maximum of 4km... And wIthout fail, I start sneezing when I get home and I have congestion, watery eyes, etc, etc, just like a cold lasting at least 48 hours - I kid you not! I'm not a hay fever sufferer but I've googled this and it appears it can happen with exercise.

    I assume I'm allergic to something in the gym, yet if I don't run and just use the cross trainer, weights, etc, I'm fine! The only thing I can think of is that maybe I'm allergic to the 'paper' they have in the gym which I use to wipe away the perspiration (not sweat... Men sweat, right?) which tends to be worse if I run. I think I'll try using a towel from home next time to see if that makes any difference.

    The web suggests using anti-histamines but I just wondered if any of you more seasoned runners had some tips or remedies? I'm not about to give up my exercise but it's making me feel a tad rough and it's so irritating!

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    Do you run too close to the big fans, I'm presuming there will be big fans on the walls, or I often wonder the fan on the treadmill, when I turn it on, whether that's all that great? There's a rule at our gym, no towel, no work out. So I just have my little hand towel and I use it on the seat of the bike and the rower machine too as a bit more padding ;-) And when we finish with equipment we have to use the paper towel and the detergent stuff next to it, to wipe down the machines.

    I know I often get a runny nose when I run, not sure why, not always. I'm not much help really.

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    To be honest Carol, I'm not sure if the fans, both wall and machine, are good or bad... probably bad in terms of spreading dust, etc! I'm going to use a towel next time instead of the paper for both me and the machines (separate pieces though!) and also take an anti histamine beforehand. I can't believe I'm suffering like this! Aarrrrgggh!

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    I have a BIL & a SIL that are indeed allergic to excersize. They can only run around for so long before feeling sick, or they can't push themselves to hard. My SIL went skiing for the first time this winter and she decided to do a hard fun first. Because of the cold, elevation and her allergy, she was having a hard time breathing. She even slept with the epi-pen next to her.

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    Yes Kim, I read about struggling to breathe durig exercse on the web this morning too and that it can be dangerous... luckily I think I'm OK on that score, it' just the sneezing and feeling like I'm full of cold that I can't handle! As much as I struggle with my run sometimes, I really don't want to give it up.

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    In the past, when I have gone to a gym on a regular basis, I have always found that I am sick more often than not. It doesn't happen if I am active outside or in my own house. I came to the conclusion that all the shared perspiration and heavy breathing spreads germs too easily. So, I try to stay away from gyms, unless there is one in a hotel where I am staying-they never seem to have too many folks in them!
    You see if you feel the same if you do the same exercise outside-that might give you more to think about anyway!
    Good luck-I loathe sickness!

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    Good point Valerie, I think I'm going to take your suggestion about running outside for a change, I live on the coast and we have a lovely prom so I've got no excuse! I just find I'm a facts and figures kinda gal and I know I can get apps to measure distance, time, etc, I do find the treadmills easier. My sister's been encouraging me to run outside for ages (although she lives 45 miles away so I won't be running with her anytime soon!) so now I just need the howling wind to calm down. I know, excuses! I'll wait for this most recent bout of sneezing, etc, to go and then I'll put one foot in front of the other!

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    Oh my sounds pretty crummy to deal with that Liz. I think personally, I would welcome an "excuse" to not run, Haha.

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    Haha Bailey! Yes, I have thought it's a good enough reason to stop running but my waistline and hips are telling me different!

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