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    New to Project Life

    I am new to project life after 10+ years of paper scrapping. I debated back and forth and just had to com to the conclusion that paper scrapbooking was not practical for me at this point in my life. I have 2011-13 to catch up on and am almost done with 2011. I have researched who I want to get them printed through and am leaning heavily towards persnickety. I was wonder if anyone knows how many pages a hard bound book would hold? It's looking like I will have around 100 pages for 2011.

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    Not sure exactly from persnickety, but I think usually the shutterfly bound books were 100. I also use persnickety but I get them individually printed and then put into sleeves and an american craft D ring album! HTH

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    I'm not familiar with Persnickety as I'm in the UK and use Photobox and theirs is a maximum of 100, which I think is the standard for all suppliers.

    I must say though that I like Bailey's idea of getting the pages printed and putting them into sleeves for an album. That way I could also vary my pages sizes to say 6x12 for example! Thanks for the tip Bailey!

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    Last time I checked, Persnickety and Shutterfly were 100 pages. Many others are up to 200 pages, PhotobookAmerica is up to 300 pages and Blurb goes up to 440 pages (for their thinnest paper).
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