Hola Chicas! I hope this is the right board for this. My apologies if not.

I've gotta make name tags and some cool décor for a ladie's retreat with a "perseverance-running the race" type theme.
Since it's Olympic mania right now and everything, I wanted to use the items pictured at below link- and resize to make nametags, but the lady only makes them in .pdf format (bleck!) She didn't get back to me in a timely manner with answers, and doesn't have time to customize for me - so now I'm in a hurry.
It takes so much tedious time to search the whole boutique so I wanted to ask you guys if you could refer me to a good collection or 2 - or even similar product that I could use for this project.
I love the Pennant banners (which need to be bright Blue, Orange, Yellow - maybe some stripes, waves, checks) and the background is flexible.
Nametags are 3"x 4". Do any of the designers (or members) take custom requests?

See samples here:
Etsy shop: SimoneMadeIt

Bring on the wow creativity I love you guys for!
Thanks so much. Laura in Virginia