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Thread: So tell us ... what other creative itches do you scratch ???

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    So fun reading about everyone's creative outlets beyond scrapbooking. I use to cross stitch years ago and I still have an unfinished project stored away. One day I will get it done. I do love trying new recipes in the kitchen. Other than that scrap booking takes all my free time right now!

  2. Oh, Kayleigh, I'm so impressed that you only have one unfinished cross-stitch project! Every once in a while I pull out my unfinished ones and, unfortunately, most of them go back into the drawer because they still look interesting to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kayleigh View Post
    So fun reading about everyone's creative outlets beyond scrapbooking. I use to cross stitch years ago and I still have an unfinished project stored away. One day I will get it done. I do love trying new recipes in the kitchen. Other than that scrap booking takes all my free time right now!

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    Who lives near me enough to teach me to knit!?!? It's on my 2014 Wanna Learn List and now more than ever. If I ever do get to become a Hospice Doula and sit for those 6 hour shifts, knitting will need to be part of that. ETA: My friend agreed to teach me!!

    I used to know how to crochet but since I had my Nana to crochet on demand, I let it go. She couldn't read/understand the patterns but I could follow the directions and explain what she needed to do. Most of her crochet was with the fine thread...including a king sized bedspread for me.

    Back in the day...60s, 70s, I tried most things. Macrame plant holders galore! I used to sew in these years, making little woolen jumpsuits for my boys, and some clothes for myself. But I soon found a dressmaker in England and gave up my own sewing. I don't have the patience for it now but have played with sewing paper recently. I still play with paint and tactile medium once in a while, and even try my hand at some of the simpler ideas on Pinterest.

    Ah Cooking. This has been a constant since I was a pre-teen and saw my first Gourmet magazine. Baking has never appealed to me that much since baking is chemistry and following rules. I like the creative side of cooking, having taught myself the basics so early by watching Julia Child on tv. "Messin' with the recipe" is my style and I have the pounds to prove it. I was a 5'7 wisp at 105lb back then. I'm not now. I did venture into baking early in this 2nd marriage but it pushed both of us too close to pre-diabetes. Yes, I made good things and we ate them all. Sigh.

    Reading I consider a given. I always have at least two books going, and most recently have fallen in love with Scandinavian crime books. This has opened a whole new world to me. I am 95% a fiction reader while my dh reads heavy, non fiction tomes. Finally, I don't dare try genealogy because I know I'd love it. I'd probably go blind with the added computer time...and when? instead of sleeping!?!?
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    Maureen, knitting kept me sane when my dad was in hospital, I'd sit with him all day and knit. It was such a hard time but the rhythmic and yet sometimes mindless activity kept me going.

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    Carol, any activity that involves both hands at the same time is calming because it involves both sides of the brain and it's hard to think/worry over this brain activity. I was taught this technique at a Veterans Administration seminar (work related at the time). We women instinctively know how to sooth our crazy brains this way.
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    What do we live for if not to make life a little easier for someone?
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  6. Love this thread, Carol!

    I started out drawing when I was little girl, I drew all over my school papers; even, got in trouble with my 1st grade teacher because I was drawing on the margins of my arithmetic paper. My mom could draw and my younger sister was truly an artist; able to draw everything. I was not so talented, but, all my life, I have collected pens and markers and color crayons and loved doodling. When I was in college, I started sewing, making many of my own clothes, especially dresses for weddings or dances. Next, I was interested in quilting and especially free form embroidery on the sewing machine. Somewhere along the line, after our sons were born, I thought it was hard to find time to sew which required time and a space for the machine and all the fabric, etc. etc. so I turned to other crafts that were easier to put away when I needed to. That included rubber stamping, crocheting and knitting. I have to say that when I discovered digital photography and Photoshop Elements for making scrapbook pages, it took over my life. All those rubber stamps and markers and paints are pretty much collecting dust! My only other hobby these days, when I'm not scrapbooking or photographing, is reading!

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    So fun reading all the one is bored that's for sure.....I do card making and stamping....great way to get rid of the guilt I felt when I had Thousands of $$ worth of paper supplies when I went to Digital Scrapping....I did paint a lot BS...Befor Scrapping.....and would like to do a bit of that again, Acrylic, Watercolor Oil on anything that would stand still long enough. It seems I tried every thing over the years and bought all the supplies for everything.....Crocheting, Ceramics, Clay creations, Jewelry, .....I have had some truly amazing Garage sales over the years

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    How fun to read what other interests you all have!

    Except for photography and scrapping... well, the list is long what I like to fill that little spare time.
    1. I like all things crafty but don't do it nearly enough as I would like : I will paint, mixed media, sew. No neat stuff for me, but fast and furious and rough. That's me.
    I have a mom and sister who do art quilts and traditional quilts, so sewing is in my family too.
    2. Gardening : I love to plant and replant and move rocks and plants and pots and trees.
    3. I love to write: I have had all my life the hope to write a complete novel one day. I have written many short stories and poetry.
    4. I like to cook and bake too when I feel like it. I don't like to do it when I HAVE to.
    5. I love to study and learn new things, new concepts or skills.

    I will never ever be bored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aino View Post
    I will never ever be bored.
    LOL! Aino... I am already looking forward to "retirement" so I have more time for all the hobbies. From what I have heard about retirement though, ladies often get more busy for some reason?
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    1. Reading - mostly middle grade. I read a couple adult novels this month and one reminded me why I like middle grade so much, and the other made me what to find more adult novels. Adult subject matter can be so tricky (and sad) while most middle grade is fun and safe.
    2. Knitting. I can also crochet and have a few blankets to finish up, but have enjoyed the process of knitting more lately even though I stick to relatively easy things like hats and scarves.
    3. Quilting. Haven't done this in quite a while but have a couple projects I would like to finish this year.
    4. Gardening. The vegetable variety, but I am not very good at it. I think I just like the results of walking out to the garden and picking a zucchini for dinner. I would like to expand this year a little and also build a compost bin.
    5. Writing. I am in the process of writing a few middle grade projects. I am hoping to get back into one I have put to the side and finish it next month.

    So much to do, so little time.... I need a day all to myself each week.
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  11. i love writing and just bought myself a new journal today to be able to keep up with all my thoughts.
    i taught myself to knit 7 years ago, simply because i couldn't find any Christmas stockings for my family--i figured i would just make them myself. literally, i never practiced...i just started knitting a stocking. i made over 20 stockings for my extended family in the first few years but now that i scrap more, i knit less.
    i've dabbled in others, but these are the only ones i am committed to enough to set aside time for.

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    Certainly a talented group here! My interests are knitting, but I've yet to make something beyond baby blankets and I love to read but never seem to have enough time unless we're on vacation. I love to cook and read cookbooks. I also used to paint, primarily watercolors but put that aside when the kids came along. Hmm, maybe it's time to break out the paints again?!? And I really want to make cards, especially since I still have such a big scrapbooking stash from my pre-digi days, but again, time is the factor. I also can't stomach having to pull everything out and then put it all away again, which is one of the reasons I love digi so much!

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    Well, I am retired now,so there are endless possibilities. I am an avid herb ,flower and vegetable gardener, love to cook,especially bake. I quilt,crochet, make cards for a small following of friends,I love to read, I love photography,scrapbooking,started as a paper scrapper many years ago,then fell into digital when dh was ill, I could be in the same room with him,while he rested. I used to do a lot of stenciling,cross-stitching and embroidery but sort of tired of those things or found other hobbies that I liked better.I love flower preserving and making herbal soaps for gifts. I feel complete when I am making something and love the feeling of accomplishment and pride when someone likes what I do and wants to learn to do it also. I feel like the luckiest person to be able to do what I want,within reason, each day!!Oh, I forgot,I love to make pillows and small sewn items also, I used to make all my dd's clothes when she was a youngster. Right now,I am consumed with crocheted rugs, I have made everyone a rug this long winter,hehe!!!

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    Gosh......I'm struggling with this one because I'm really not that creative!! I fell into digital scrapbooking by accident having never made a single traditional page in my entire life, and I don't sew or back cakes or anything like that!! This isn't necessarily creative but one thing I do love and continue to do despite living in an age where we all communicate by handwriting letters. I was a full time boarder at a private school for most of my childhood so I guess it stems from writing home to my parents every week, I still regularly write to my sisters who live in different towns to me.......and I always, without fail, handwrite 'thankyou' letters after Christmas and birthdays etc. I have a penpal who lives in Italy that I have written to since I was about 10 and I just LOVE receiving letters from her in the post, delivered the traditional way by the Postman!!! This thread has made me realise how uncreative I really am!!!

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    How lovely Carolynn that you take the trouble to handwrite correspondence! In this day and age, it must surely be a rare form of art! I'm sure the recipients are as delighted to receive their letters from you as you are from your penpal! Missing you in the gallery ...

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  16. oh my goodness, Carolynn...i think you have the BEST creative gift of all! handwritten letters are a real ART...a dying art at that! good for you, girlfriend!!

  17. Love handwritten letters! Isabel communicates with several friends, who are away at school, almost exclusively by letter. It almost feels like Christmas when one arrives. My mother (who'll be 88 in April) communicated weekly by letter with a friend in the UK, whom she met in the first grade. They started writing after my parents came to Canada in 1951, so for over 60 years. "Aunt" Hilda passed away last sad to see the exchange end.

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