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Thread: So tell us ... what other creative itches do you scratch ???

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    So tell us ... what other creative itches do you scratch ???

    I loved learning more about where everyone came from that was a ripper.

    Okay so now I want to know what other creative itches that you scratch. Let's consider it's a given that we all love scrapbooking and photography. But I want to know what other creative pursuits make your hearts sing.

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    Okay so for me, I love crafty pursuits, and there's no way I would ever show you my craft closet ! I'm a bower bird for all things crafty. But the few things that I really love doing:

    Knitting - I love to knit, I'm slow and I hold my needles very awkwardly, but it's something my grandma taught me and so I have that little bit of her with me each time I knit. I especially love knitting socks on 4 needles, I think to give someone some hand knitted socks is like giving them a hug for their feet Having said that I have a major affliction with second sock syndrome. I finish that first one and get bored of knitting with the colourway I am knitting with and can't wait to start a new one with a new pattern, so I have a few odd socks that I need to make their partners to.

    Quilting - I am by no means good, my corners aren't always exact, and I stick to straight lines, no angles, but I have made a few quilts that I'm pretty proud of. I made each of the girls one for their 18th, and of course I'll be making my grandbaby a quilt. I only do the tops though, I don't do the actual quilting, I send it away to get that done.

    Christmas Stockings - I went through a spate of making Christmas stockings, and enjoyed it so much, most with appliqued pictures hand sewn on top with blanket stitch. I have soooooo many bits of material in every colour I should not have to buy any more material for a very long time, although that doesn't stop me! ha.

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    Fun, Carol!

    QUILTING: I learned to quilt when we lived in Germany in 1990 and have loved it ever since. My first 10 years worth were all quilted by hand. I made every sibling on mine and Gary's side a wedding quilt, then a 10 year anniversary quilt. Every niece and nephew got a hand quilted baby quilt and when they turned 13 they got a quilt that was machine quilted. I have been making these quilts for 13 years now and still have 5 kids to go. (I will not be making them wedding quilts). I never really counted how many quilts I made, but there was always one in the works. I made most of them as gifts so I currently only own less than 20.

    NEEDLEWORK: I love needlepoint because it is so portable. I did cross stitch for years on linen and then switched because it got a little tough on the eyes. I have recently switched to 13 count needlepoint because of the same thing.

    NEEDLE FELTING: I recently fell in love with needle felting and have made two little felted friends so far. I've been collecting pins on pinterest for this art and can't wait to try some of them.

    DOLLS: I did make porcelain dolls for a bit. I liked that I could make the entire thing and then hand make all their clothes and shoes and accessories.

    My grandmother taught me to knit and to crochet also, Carol. I have gone on spurts with both and then years later picked them up again and again and again, but my heart isn't in it. I've never tried socks though, maybe if I gave someone a hug with them I would feel more connected.

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    I love your Christmas stockings Carol! They are amazing! I always wished I could learn to knit and quilt.

    Shortly behind photography and design would be writing. I love, love, love to write, and don't do it enough.

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    I love to cook. I really want to learn how to crochet and sew. Maybe when I retire But, if I am not taking pictures or scrapping my hobby of choice is reading.

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    This is another fun getting-to-know-you thread, Carol! Thanks for starting it!

    I have tried just about every craft that has come along from macrame (anybody remember that from the 70s?) to candlemaking to candlewicking (a needle art) to painting to cake decorating (over 50 wedding cakes!) to decoupage...well, you get the idea!

    After scrapping and photography, my favorite hobbies are the needle arts. I was a prolific quilter (well actually a piecer, I love making the tops but not the actual quilting.) I have about 300 counted cross stitch pattern books and made many projects from them in the far distant past. I can crochet, but knitting is my favorite. My mother's friend taught me to knit when I was 12 years old and I have loved it ever since. My favorite items to make are baby things. All of my babies and grandbabies have worn my handmade items. I love the soft yarns and little details of these garments.
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    I'm actually not a hands on crafty person. It just isn't in me.

    I do LOVE music!! Growing up I was always on some form of dance teams and singing. My junior year of high school we actually competed down at the Epcot Center at Disney World...we took first place!!

    I play the piano and I am trying to learn a few new pieces. I purchased a challenging book today when I picked up the piano music Frozen for Talisa today. Good thing we have two pianos, because I think we will be fighting for some piano time, LOL!
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    I do not have a creative bone in my body without a mouse in my hand! I have tried but I am just not crafty. Although Dylan tells me all the time to write - apparently my crazy dreams would make good plot lines. LOL I do like to write but I barely make time for it anymore.

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    Oh Trace, I bet you could come up with a Bold & the Beautiful and make a squillion dollars !!!

    Lynnie, I remember learning macrame at school, I remember that year every single person I knew got macrame hanging flower pot holders !!! ha.

    As for the person who teaches you a craft, I think that stays with you always, especially if it is a loved family member (like my grandma and her patience teaching me to knit, and my Great Aunt Lil and her patience teaching me to crochet, a little connection, it's a nice memory.)

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  10. I've tried so many crafts but I've not stuck with too many. I tried macrame but while I can create all sorts of knots when sewing, I can't seem to create them when doing macrame. I tried decoupage but nothing ever looked quite right! I've done a lot of successful cross stitching and also needlepoint on plastic canvas. I love to sew but haven't done any sewing since I took up genealogy and digital scrapping. I have dozens of books on quilting but haven't made a quilt yet unless you count the one I made for our dog by binding a pre-quilted piece of fabric! Well, he loved it! My Dad always told me that I needed to stop reading about quilting and just do it (my mom has made many, many hand-pieced, hand-quilted quilts). I bought the supplies for making clay pieces but ended up giving them to my sister. I've also got supplies for beading that I've never used. Boy, I sound really bad!! Love reading about everyone's "craftiness".

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    I used to crochet, knit and sew when I was younger but haven't done any of it in years...
    Used to date a couple of military men and made all my ballgowns myself for their special occasions...

    Nowadays, I think I've run out of "crafty"! I've even misplaced my sewing machine - I honestly can't find it!

    After traveling, photography and digiscrapping, my only other "hobby" is genealogy.

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    Right now the only other creative outlet for me is crocheting. I like to crochet rugs. I have a ton of fabric I have bought and stripped, just waiting to be crocheted. I also like to crochet wash cloths. My dogs love, love, love the rugs!

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thessh View Post
    After traveling, photography and digiscrapping, my only other "hobby" is genealogy.
    Yep ... that's me too .

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    Another fun thread, Carol!

    Like Lynn, I dabbled in macrame. I was REALLY in to cross stitch for the longest time. I have made many baby gifts, items for the boys when they were babies, and both boy's Christmas stockings are cross stitched. I actually taught my mother how to cross stitch and she went crazy making all kinds of framed items as gifts until her arthritis made it too difficult for her. But it was something that we enjoyed together for many years. Like many of us, I was a paper scrapbooker before going digital. While I have always taken photos, I have recently become more interested in photography, so I am always trying to learn more about how to take a better photo.

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  15. Cardmaking: It's closely related. I use digital, a mix or just straight up paper products.

    I've also dabbled in sewing and quilting. (Made some couch pillows a few weeks ago.) Those projects are usually few and far between though.

    I'd love to learn to knit and crochet. I think I need to find someone to show me in person though.


  16. Fun, Carol!

    Baskets: I collect Longaberger baskets - I quit adding to the stash 1 year when I got an offer to go to Hawaii if I gave them up for a year - today I don't consider it adding to the stash if I swap 1 for another.

    Cross Stitch: I love Cross stitch - I have samplers on my real walls and stitching in my doll houses. In the doll houses its on silk 60+count - in the real house its on 22count.

    Dolls: 18" play dolls American Girl and Heidi Otts - I like collecting them and taking pictures of them outdoors - I originally got them for my 4 nieces - somehow I liked adding new clothes to their stash and sewing and shopping for something new. It all started with looking for boots for the dolls....

    Miniatures: I love doll houses and little things a lot - I enjoy making everything from furniture to samplers - and I truly enjoy adding something special now and then to the mix - I have a 1" scale doll house in my office that's a contemporary log cabin. My true love is " scale just because they take up a lot of room

    It seems like most everything is on hold right now - due to space. Mamaw win's she is way more important to me right now than adding to the collections.
    Luckily Reading on my Kindle doesn't add to the space clutter problem. I read about a book a day I've read multiple series of books multiple times and they always take me to another world when I need it I really like a good book!!!
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    Super thread Carol! I picked up knitting last May, but maybe overdid it a bit as I ended up with tendinitis! I've taken a break for a while! Love cooking and find it a very practical creative outlet since I have a family to feed!

    I would absolutely love to be able to take up photography, but I know that at this point I'll have to suffice with my current abilities (or lack thereof!) until the kids are a bit older. I'm already finding that I am pretty stretched for time these days.

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    This is such a fun thread!! I love hearing about all the creative outlets everyone has.

    I have always loved crafts and vigorously entered into all of the 70;s and 80's ones mentioned above - except for macrame. I've done tons of sewing but am far from a pro!! During high school and early marriage I made the majority of my clothes and even made my DH a couple leisure jackets! (I know some of you remember those!!) Of course made tons of clothes for the kiddos too! In the early 90s I had a craft business that was based on country dolls. Each larger one was named and had a personality description. That also included seasonal items, some wall hangings and some wood items. I liked doing the country and primitive stuff because there is a lot of room for mistakes and camolfauge!

    I've dabbled in quilting but realized it takes more patience than I have but I do have one 4x4 quilt I have used as a wall hanging and I've done some Christmas fun ones as gifts.

    I do crochet but was self taught. I wish I would have had my mother teach me because I would be much better. I've primarily made baby afghans and have made one for each of my grands. When the kids were little I made Christmas stockings. They were a filet pattern that was realy stretchy so they could hold a ton of stuff. We still have ours!

    I've said for years that I was the original paper scrapper. I started when Tricia was little - way before we knew about acid-free or there were any of the great items available today. I would stencil on paper and cut my own embellies out of construction paper. I've started redoing some of those early books in order to preserve them and get them off of any acid or sticky pages.

    Now I only have time for digital scrapping and lately have been hard pressed for time to do it! I would love to add photography to my list of abilities. I have a decent camera and hope to find time to learn how to use it and become more of a photographer rather than a ?picture taker?!
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    Hmm....well, yes in the 70's I used to make macrame flower pot holders but then the 80's came along complete with babies so my 'crafts time' went out the window. I have always loved to sew but rarely do it now. I made four Christmas stockings for the grands each taking far longer than the 'weekend project' it promised. Photography I have always loved even so far as taking classes for it in college. I was never so happy as when I tossed out my Polaroid Land Camera and started taking film photos with a Minolta camera. I love genealogy and digi scrapping. I love to travel with DH in our RV anywhere and everywhere.

    Love these threads lately!

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    What a fun thread, love seeing the same crafts popping up in the replies.

    I also was into cross-stitch for a long time, though I found it frustrating how long it took to complete a project. I bought a couple of large projects to do when Amy came along, then found scrapping and never went back!

    I do find that I throw myself 100% into new pursuits, wanting to know all about them and spend all day on them. Then as time goes on, my interest wanes. That shows the amazing power of scrapping. I've been doing this longer and more constantly than just about any other hobby.

    At other times I love my crochet, I did learn to knit and crochet while pregnant with Amy, but just never got to like knitting. I love crochet though, it's pretty quick to rustle up a simple toy or scarf. I've promised Peter a scarf, but as my interest has turned back to scrapping he says it's fine for it to be ready by next Christmas lol!

    I always liked music when I was younger, and always mean to bring my cello to my house from my parents' house. Still hasn't happened yet...

    Kelly, I tried needle felting a few months ago too, bought the needles and roving. I made a small dog for myself, and a dog-that-looks-like-a-squinty-kangaroo for Amy, then decided it maybe wasn't the craft for me. Love what others can create with the technique though!
    Chrissy x

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    I never considered myself a creative person until I discovered counted cross-stitch when we lived in Atlanta. I was home alone a lot with two little ones while my husband traveled for his job, so I was a cross stitching fiend -- everybody got cross stitched Christmas presents one year. Then we moved back to Florida where our families live, and cross stitching went out the window. I still have a half-finished Victorian house piece in my basket.

    Then Karen introduced me to paper scrapping which, of course, led to digital scrapping. I do like cooking, but I'm not a terribly adventurous cook. And I like to read when I'm not on the computer. So yes, scrapping is basically my only creative outlet!

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  22. It seems that I have never met a craft that I didn't like...I sew, clothing, curtains etc and I quilt. I am making a couple of baby quilts at the moment. I made a needlepoint Christmas stocking for my Grandmother, which now hangs from my fireplace. I knit (currently working on a sweater) and crochet, but I prefer to knit. I did macrame for years, I even had macrame kitchen curtains. I made a lot of macrame Christmas ornaments and snowflakes and of course, plant hangers. I even made a hanging cradle for the pregnant sister of a friend with whom I stayed while visiting Halifax.
    I used to do a lot of stained glass, but stopped when I was trying to get pregnant (uses lead solder). I am thinking that I would love to get back into that. I used to draw, but I haven't attempted anything in a while.
    I love to do macro photography of nature, but I need to work on my urban/portraiture skills.
    I paper scrapped for a bit before embracing digital and I need to clear out some of that stuff.

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    Even wider than the DD community I have a lot of scrapping friends from over the years who also quilt. There seems to be a bit of a nexus there perhaps.

    If any knitters are on ravelry I'm carolleeg.

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    Another great thread Carol!

    I'm so thankful that my Mother taught me to knit when I was about 14. I used to make a lot of jerseys for myself then in fancy kinds of wools like mohair, etc. when Jodie came along I knitted a lot of baby stuff and once she started school! I also used to knit her the odd school jersey. I didn't do any more knitting until Hayley came along and out came the baby patterns again! After that it was 22 years later I picked up the needles again to make a baby blanket for Jack in 2011 and again for Charlie I last year. It's a beautiful cable patterned blanket and if there's anymore grandchildren, I'll do one for them too! I enjoyed making the blankets so much that I did think about stock piling one or two (especially pink ones!) but then thought I may be tempting fate!

    I also did a little bit of sewing mainly when Jodie was a toddler, making a few little outfits for her and the odd thing for myself. I'm kind of self taught in sewing really but I picked up a fair bit of know-how from watching my elder sister make outfits on a Saturday afternoon that she would wear that night to go out in! She sews beautifully as she's a trained tailoress but absolutely hates it now.

    I also used to make a few cards here and there prior to taking up paper scrapping in 2005. Having moved onto digital scrapping I've never looked back and I'm ever thankful that I found this hobby that I adore so much.

    My scrapping is definitely my go-to craft, it wins hands down and I don't really aspire to do much else at the moment although I do admire other peoples crafts and I'm often in awe of those that come up with really original ideas. Like those layouts you guys post in the gallery!

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    I like to.... create something. usually via my glue gun and paint I'm always in the middle of something as well as scrapping LOL I love to bake -its my wind down do something productive thing so we are never short of cupcakes and cookies here... and like to cook good family meals. I write a lot, creatively under a different name and as myself on my blog. If I need to figure something out I write it out! I can't knit, and I have recently admitted I can't frame anything without much huffing and puffing and remeasuring hahahaha!! I am not the most patient nor a logical thinker so things like that frustrate me. My mother is a champion dressmaker/costumier but my sewing is very very basic because if I can't do something well, I don't do it! LOL I am a paid photographer, and a member of several quirkier photog groups like shutter rock and light chasers. I could not imagine living without my camera!!!!
    read all about it!... -->
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    Wow, I am amazed at the plethora of talent! So many different tastes! For those of you, (KimR+) who say you don't have a creative bone think again! Kim you have a beautifully decorated house, especially seen in your gorgeous Christmas photos!
    I just discovered sewing and it is so easy and rewarding. I've made clothing for MDD's Build-a-Bear and Barbies as well as V-Day jammie pants with fabric painted shirts. So much fun and amazingly relaxing! I find it so fun that both kids have asked me to teach them how to sew!!!
    I also enjoy making jewelry, which is really fun because Jojo loves helping and coming up with her own designs too!

    Thank you every one for sharing, I really enjoyed learning more about you!

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    I do not have a creative gene in my body but I love trying to emulate an idea that catches my eye... Way back when... DH traveled so much so crafts were my companion... cross stitch was an addiction but recently I let many of my creations go... couldn't sell them as how can one put a price on so many hours of work... the eye sight went so did the floss... in high school I tried my hand at knitting but stopped at pot holders... would love to try again and get beyond that skill level... loved to sew clothing for the family when we were stationed in Germany... now my machine is only used for mending... I'm a tool chick however... give me a remodel and I can get lost... sadly, my craft now is picking up after the pups... not very creative but that's how we roll at this stage of life...

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    Cross-stitching I used to do a lot before the kids came along and before I hit 40 and began to have trouble seeing the threads in the linen I loved to use. I did complete a few really nice things though, a large angel which took forever and a Santa. They both come out for Christmas every year
    Knitting was another passion I had, I made several sweaters and even socks but haven't touched the needles in years now...
    Music I am taking piano lessons along with the kids, but don't really put in enough time to improve significantly. I have always loved the piano though...
    Dancing I forget how much I loved ballroom dancing. I did it when I was a teen (it was the thing back then) and just recently started taking lessons with hubby. I have been doing Zumba for a couple of years now, so the dancing comes very easily and I love it!!! I just wish it were as easy for hubby LOL, we are not learning fast enough for my taste, but he is willing and trying, what more could I ask for. My inlaws are the ones who got us into it while we were in Charleston, I guess seeing his brother do it make him get interested..
    I have tried lots of other crafty things along with the paper scrapping and card making, but the digi scrapping really has taken over all my time. I think getting the reward of people's acknowledgment adds to the enjoyment. I used to paper scrap and get one glance from the family and that would be it. Nothing like you all out there loving and praising all the time

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    Thanks for starting such a fun thread, Carol!
    I've dabbled in many crafty pursuits over the years, coming from a long line of crafty women....I am NOT artistic, can't draw or paint, but have done most kinds of needlework (especially cross stitch and knitting), sewing, beads, macrame, etc. etc. In recent years, though, when time has been so hard to come by, I've definitely focused the crafty time on scrapping and photography...first paper, now digi all the way!

    Probably my second love would be perennial gardening. I just met with a landscape designer yesterday to finalize plans for the yard/garden at our new house...and I am SO anxious for spring to get here now! (The fact that it snowed a foot yesterday and that my kids are off school AGAIN (sixth time since the start of January!!) for weather is certainly helping that desire along!

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    This is a cool thread! It's so fun to learn about everyone!

    Quilting and Sewing are in the family. Almost everyone in my family from my Mom to Grandmas, Great Aunts and Great Grandmas were Quilters! I think it is very cool. I love the look of a patchwork quilt! But I actually started to sew about 7 years ago! At first it was to be able to take in my girls' pants as they are on the skinny side. But then I started to sew Window treatments and things like that!

    I also like to Read! I read a bit every night and At least a book a week!

    I also like to bake. Cook? I'm ok. But I love baking!

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