I am curious to know what you ladies think. I am not looking to start a controversial thread, just what you did and what has worked for you and your kids.

I know several people that tell their kids about "the birds and the bees" when they turn eight. To me this seems really young. Others don't tell their kids at all and let them figure it out. And then there's those that figure things out from watching animals.

Talisa turns eight this coming weekend and I just can't fathom telling her about all of this yet. She is still young and innocent. Yes, we have told her that people should not touch her in certain places, she shouldn't be changing in front of others, modesty, etc.

However, with the ways of our world changing ever so constantly, I wonder. I am hoping to wait another year or so. But I don't want her finding out about all of the details from someone besides Keith and I.