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Thread: Good News Thread!!

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    Good News Thread!!

    I thought it would be fun to share something that has made our day! Whether it big something big or small, let's share something with one another that has made us happy! Has it stopped snowing for a few hours? Has the heat calmed down? Did you child sleep through the night? Did you have the best date this weekend? Whatever it is, please share!
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    This year is my first year at teaching piano lessons. I was nervous at first, but I have really been enjoying it!! Two of my friends also teach, and between us, we have siblings. We thought it would be easier on families to combine the recital. While I was in California recently, the other teachers decided to play a song as well. I was stressing over which song to play with little to no practice. Finally I had my girls pick between a few songs. Of course Kira picked a song not offered. Saturday was the big day! All of my students, Talisa and I performed and did well! And it's over!! I've ordered a new piano book so I can start practicing for our next recital!
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    Go Kim! I admire your courage to perform....I am not at all musically inclined, and I can't even imagine!!

    We are making slow but sure progress in getting the final unpacking done after our move in late November. 15 years in the same house, and a household that included nine people meant so much stuff to sort through!! Today we completed a nice step in the process by getting a piece of furniture out of the garage and carried to it's final resting place in the basement bedroom. It makes such a nice difference just to have that spot in the garage cleared out! Baby steps, and I'll take them!

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    Trust me Connie, I was nervous like a little kid! I was so happy when it was over!!

    I've been in my house almost six years and we still have a few boxes, LOL! I hear ya with the garage! I love the spring/summer time when the kids toys are outside no clustering up the garage! (And then the playroom stays cleaner too) Congrats On the baby steps!!
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    I have to wear sunglasses outside the sun is so bright on the snow.

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    Love a good news thread I'm coming off a nice and relaxing weekend - looking forward to some one-on-one time with my son this afternoon as we're planning to go to the LEGO movie.

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    My good news is the prediction of temps getting to the 40's! We are so excited. I don't know if all the snow will melt, and it will definitely be soggy around here, but I am looking forward to the break from this non-stop winter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesshunt View Post
    Love a good news thread I'm coming off a nice and relaxing weekend - looking forward to some one-on-one time with my son this afternoon as we're planning to go to the LEGO movie.
    We saw the movie this weekend, and still have the theme song stuck in our heads. Have fun!

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    I love good news!! And mine is this: I stepped on the dreaded scale this morning and it stopped at a number I haven't seen since before my kids were born!! Yowza! Thank you, Paleo diet, Crossfit, and Couch to 5K!!!

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  10. WTG, Lorna!! I finished a baby quilt this morning and have made a good start on a second. I didn't use any fabric from my stash for the first quilt ....but have a couple of pieces pressed to use in the second!! Pretty sure that the friend's baby will now be a girl, as it was a "boy" quilt that I finished!

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    Two good things. My bi-weekly house cleaners came today, so today is the day I get the last of the clutter put away - first. They can't clean clutter! 2nd, I wondered what I'd have for lunch before they came and suddenly remembered I still had the 'doggy bag' from my Valentine's luncheon meal. It all worked out great!

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    Our organic chicken feed arrived just a few minutes ago, so now the girls can eat organic!

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    My day has just started and I'm having breakfast, so I'll be back tonight with something good that has happened!

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    I have had the day off today as it is President's Day in the states. Slept in, and then after the required Starbuck's visit I worked on this month's mask challenge page. After finishing it, posting it and spreading a little love in the gallery, the dh and I went to lunch together. It is now about 3:30 and the frozen rain is coming down so much that I fear/hope there might be yet another day off school tomorrow due to weather! Fear because it will be another day we have to make up in the spring and hope because then I can work on another page!

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    some more of my photos got picked by getty images, which I love And one of my pro client images got over 1200 likes, and my client has not stopped raving about my work. IT FEELS SO GOOD theres lots of ugh around me right now that this was a true ray of sunshine in my world
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    Good news...hhmmm...after being sick for the past 10 days I finally have some meds to help me start to feel better. But really the best that happened to me today was waking up to a message from one of the creative team members with some help with photos and what to do to not get the "distorted and/or squishy" photos. Even tho I was using "shift" when resizing I was missing one other step. I think that is why I love the DD community so much. Non-critical advice has been my best friend when learning PSE. It made my day thanks

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    Let me see... the has shined the whole day long, we bought dh his senior pass for National Parks and have already saved 30.00 in campground reservations, we decided to attend a recumbent rally in The Smoky Mountains in May, we enjoyed a delicious pizza at Brixx pizza, and my head cold is going away so I could even taste said pizza. Tomorrow is actually a school day, which is good news after so many "ice" days-well, I would say all and all.. goods news abounds.

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    sweet blessings of warmth... Fenway and I took off for a power walk by the lake and lo and behold... ice is melting... water is evident in the lake and the water fowl were as thrilled with this revelation as pup and I were to have a speed walk that filled the soul... I swear she kept popping my hand... smiling her big grin... tomorrow... we will run again... however... we know snow is lurking just around the corner but we'll enjoy the clear path for the day...

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    David had some clients that were looking for a home and were interested in ours! It isn't on the market yet since we aren't moving for just over a year. So Saturday we cleaned and decluttered (hid things) and met with our realtor Sunday morning and the people came in Sunday afternoon. Wahoo - they want to buy! It's a good deal for both of us and I'm very excited. Not a done deal yet but sure looks promising!
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    Oh my!! I just love reading all of the various 'good news" here!! Keep 'em coming!!
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    Great news everyone!!! Way to go

    As for me, I finished my 2013 Project Life pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a good feeling

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    What a great selection of good news!

    Well done Lorna, that's fab!

    Let's think, my sister's getting married on Sunday, so this evening after my tutoring session I visited my friend to collect vases which my sis will be using as her table centrepieces, so we had a fun time filling them with silk rose petals and fairy lights!

    The tutoring also went well, it's the hardest of the week, Advanced Higher Physics, which is done in the last year of school and is basically first year Uni level. It takes a bit of work on my part to prepare for each session, lots of fun though! I've got 4 tutees this year, the most I've ever had, and it feels good to be earning some money.
    Chrissy x

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  23. LOL, Sharon! Love your definition of decluttering! (I had to rent a storage locker....)

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    I love these threads and love reading everyone's good news!

    Let's see... good news for me today so far has been that I not only managed to shower, but the baby is napping as well! LOL! I'm easily pleased today as I've had a cranky, fussy bub because of hot/humid weather and her immunisations on the weekend.

    We also booked some tickets to take Lincoln to Disney on Ice in June - I am so excited to see his face! He is a huge Toy Story fan so I know he will love it.

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    Go Lorna! Congratulations! I have to read about Couch to 5K, haven't heard of it. For my part, you know it's a good day when I felt so strong after my workout that I had to throw down 20 burpees for time, just because I can!

  26. Hello everyone! So interesting to read about the here and now of your lives. Winter is a good time for me to curl up with a good book and I just finished reading the new book, The Invention of Wings, by Sue Monk Kidd who wrote the best selling The Secret Life of Bees. It is very good. I think she's got another best seller in this book. I will be suggesting my book club read this book, but, we always wait until we can get paper back copies. I downloaded it for free from my library using the Overdrive App on my iPad. I had to get on a waiting list for it, but, it was well worth the wait of a couple weeks.

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    I had a very nice weekend spent with kids and grandkids. My 17 year old granddaughter and I set out to go to Lake Erie to see it frozen over but it started snowing like crazy and I knew it would be worse on the lake. We ended up at Mill Creek park the one I talked about in the posts of where we live. It was so beautiful covered in snow and captured some great photos. Watch for the page I'm sure will end up here!

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    Love reading everyone's good news! Such a fun thread!

    I am working on gaining some strength in this old body. Today's gym workout included planks which I held for a whole minute for the first time! (I know that's not a lot, but it's huge for me!)
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Such great news from everyone. Lynnie, you'd beat me hands down with the plank! Mel, that's great news! Good luck with the sales of your Getty images.
    My good news is that I just came back from taking Zoe, my youngest, to get her drivers license. She was successful and has now headed off into town on her own for the first time. She's over the moon!
    (You need to be 18 to get your license here in Victoria).
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    We are finally get a bit of summer! so that is making me happy . It's actually so humid I might have even talked my husband into get a heat pump/air conditioning unit for our bedroom because it is too hot to sleep .

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