Happy Valentines to my friends around the world! Do you have any fun plans?

We usually celebrate the weekend before or after to avoid crowds. I usually get the girls a cute little Valentine gift and make one of our favorite meals that is usually more time consuming. To add to all the fun, Kira woke up with a fever so she is home from school today, resting on the couch watching PBS.

Keith is a hard one to shop for. He NEVER wants anything. He is one of those practical guys that only asks for things that he needs. Sorry, but giving him gifts for the house and yard are far from romantic. So to make him happy, here's what I have come up with this year. I am going to give him cash and a card (which I was going to print off at the store since my color ink is wonky and needs to be refilled...but since I can't leave the house, it may be an e-card). He has been saving for a road bike ever since he bought his mountain bike. So hopefully this will make him happy. And that's what it's all about right!

For the girls, I bought them some fun bubble blowers at Disneyland last week! I am sure they will love them!