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Thread: So tell us ... a little tidbit about where you live

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    So tell us ... a little tidbit about where you live

    Hey all, I was sitting here thinking how varied we are, all over the world, big cities, small towns, and yet we all come together here.

    So tell us a little tidbit about where you live, you don't have to name the place, but a little bit about it, quirky as you like.

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    So for me I live in a wee little town, about 1000 people, we don't have many footpaths so walk on the road (how archaic!!), I live in town but we are surrounded by sheep and dairy. And I swear you go down the street and people call you by name, and unless they are busy, you still even get your petrol pumped for you at the petrol station. Pretty quaint.

    Plus at the moment we are going through a heat wave down south of Australia, the weather has been horrendous, but it does come in waves, days at a time, then lovely again.

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    I am a native of Orlando -- theme park central and home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, to name a few. I've lived my entire life here, except for a couple of years in Atlanta when my husband was working for the railroad. The Orlando of my childhood was a pretty sleepy little town, but Disney changed all of that. My dad was a plasterer who worked at Disney when it was being built; in fact, Don and I got to go with him and Mama to family day at Disney before it opened in October 1971.

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    I live in Annapolis, Maryland the only state whose colonial style capitol " is the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use and is the only state house ever to have served as the nation's capitol. The Continental Congress met in the Old Senate Chamber from November 26, 1783, to August 13, 1784. During that time, George Washington came before Congress to resign his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the Treaty of Paris was ratified, marking the official end of the Revolutionary War." We are also home to the United States Naval Academy and St. John's College (1789). Annapolis also calls itself the Sailing Capital of the World.

    When I moved here in the mid-80s the city was surrounded by country and the town had almost all independent stores, movie theaters etc. Now we flow right out into the counties, Anne Arundel and Baltimore City and County, and there are no movie theaters and the shops have been replaced by stores that sell interesting things that you really don't need. All that happened before any big box store...just the passage of time. I am just about 1.5 miles from the Annapolis harbor but now that I'm retired and the stores have changed I almost never go 'downtown.'
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    I live on a gravel road, 16 miles from the closest town, Columbus, MT. We live on my DH's grandmothers original homestead ranch. Our county (Stillwater) is 1805 square miles and has a population of 9,117 people. Making that roughly 5 people per square mile. The largest city Billings, (Yellowstone County) is almost 1 hr away, but we are blessed that almost anything you would need can be found there. It has 2 wonderful hospitals that can take care of almost any need.

    Ranching and agriculture is still one of the main sources of income, although the Stillwater Mine, located in the southern area of our county is the only known significant source of platinum group metals inside the United States and one of the significant resources outside South Africa and Russia. Our little town of Columbus also is the home to Montana Silversmiths, maker of sterling silver western jewelry and sold through out the world.

    We have a wide range of temperatures through out the year. The summer can get as high as 110F (43.3C) and in the winter as cold as -30(-34C?), not including wind chill. We are very close to Yellowstone National Park, The Battlefield of the Little BigHorn and Pompey's Pillar (Location of an overnight stay of Lewis and Clark)

    So fun hearing about everybody's little corner of the world

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    I live in a 1913 cottage on the top of a hill in Wellington - which is the closest capital city to Antarctica and, although we don't get snow, it certainly feels it sometimes! It's a cute house though tiny - my office is in the wardrobe of our bedroom ;-)

    The suburb is called Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NZ not Brooklyn, NY!!) and we can get to work by walking through Central Park, which always gets a laugh from people who know Central Park should be in Manhattan not Brooklyn.

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    Well, I live in a small community called Gedera just south of Tel Aviv where we built a house a few years back (7 actually on Feb 14th ). We have everything we need here, but here in Israel everything is nearby, as it is a small country. So should I need to do some more Big Shopping, it is a ten-fifteen min ride.
    The kids go to school here and all their activities are here. My work is about half an hour ride away, so that is fine. The weather here is mediterranean.... rain in winter and hot humid summers. February is the coldest month. Aug-Sept the hottest.
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    A rural city in Victoria, Australia
    My city, Bendigo, is an old gold rush town. It grew from nothing to a thriving city in the 1850s and we have a lot of early architecture here ("early" is a relative term!). The land around Bendigo is very poor - rocky, and dry. Mostly it is used to grow wheat or canola or farm sheep. There are quite a few vineyards around specializing in red wine. Come and visit any time and we'll do a winery tour
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    I live in a relatively small town in NE Ohio. Our biggest claim to fame is being the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is really an interesting place to visit even if you aren't football crazy. We are also the home of the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum (where I volunteer.) The monument to President McKinley is white marble and one of the most beautiful monuments I have seen. The First Ladies Library is also in my town. We have five colleges/universities in my county and two well respected hospitals. There isn't much industry here, the colleges and hospitals are the biggest employers. My town in clean and safe and the cost of living is low. I love living here (except when we have a very hard winter as we have this year!)
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    I'm on the edge of Southampton, a bustling industrial and tourist city smack bang on the middle of the UK's south coast. I don't love the city all that much, but I do love the countryside around us, we have the beautiful national park the New Forest, and plenty of chalk plains with ancient oak trees across them. We have our coast line too, but frankly right now thats just a flooded hazardous place to be... Lots of major cruises call in here, so be sure to give me a yell if you do, and I can show you round!
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Another Aussie here - I live in the semi-rural outskirts of Melbourne - the Yarra Valley in fact and it is quite a famous grape-growing area. Lots of lovely local produce around here and plenty of rolling hills, rivers and mountains. Check out some of Esther's Yarra Valley book and you can see for yourself! Unfortunately we are suffering through some extreme temperatures and terrible bushfires at the moment so there is a thick smoke haze around right now.

    Thanks for starting this thread Carol - what a great idea!

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    South Carolina
    This is wonderful!!
    Originally from Central Oregon-
    Lived in Nevada for 9 years, 6 of those in Las Vegas, and yes, that was fun!!

    Now, we are in the Low Country of South Carolina. Another touristy place, but steeped in history and a friendly place to live. Still a bit over populated for my personal taste, but I will be here for 10 years at least, and who knows maybe longer!

    The earliest folks arrived in Charleston in the early 1600's and quickly spread out. Charleston played an integral part in the Revolutionary War and was nearly destroyed by the Civil War. The area still celebrates (?) some of the more famous battles with re-enactments, and the many plantations give an insight into life during slavery. There are still divisive lines in the minds of those born and raised here, even if those lines are buried deeply. Culturally, it is an interesting place to live. There are still neighborhoods that proudly fly a Confederate flag in their yard. People are generally friendly and will wave you out of a congested parking lot- but be careful if they "bless your heart" because it has a rather negative connotation! If you order regular tea, it will be sweet-if you want tea without sugar you need to be very specific. Chick fil A is a southern fast food restaurant that closes on Sunday, has the friendliest staff ever, and when they came under fire because of their beliefs, locals lined up for a mile to show support. (I thought they must have been giving out free food-but they weren't!)

    I love the green, hate the bugs, and I am starting to tire of the rain. But, I love to explore the plantations, downtown Charleston, and of course, there is nothing better than taking a walk on the beach, or riding my trike near the monastary...

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    Not much nice to share about Auckland, New Zealand. It has become a sprawling, overpopulated city which has become too expensive to buy property, has almost no public transport, and it's almost too expensive to buy your groceries. I live in the suburbs which is pretty much of the same, although where I live is a beautiful little pocket of houses with native bush pretty much surrounding one side of the subdivision, and the Botanic Gardens surrounding the other. If I could pick the surrounding area up and dump it someone else in the country I would! The rest of New Zealand is mostly beautiful and stunning and we will most definately move when the kids schooling needs are sorted out. I guess one nice thing I can say about Auckland is that you're never more than about 15 minutes drive away from a beach - we have many beaches .

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  14. I live in the Toledo area in northwest Ohio. Moved up here for college. Met a guy. Stayed in the area. We're about 5 minutes from Michigan and not that far from Indiana. Because of its proximity to Detroit, there's a lot of automobile industry. Jobs are heavily affected by the automobile demand (or lack thereof). There's a strong Polish and Hungarian influence in the food. Paczkis, anyone? Also, a more recent Middle Eastern influence. (There are three different places that sell baklava within a mile of my complaints there.) They have a great metropark and library system. We're not too far from Lake Erie.

    I also grew up in Ohio, but in the east central area, right near Amish country. By the time I graduated high school both of my nearest neighbors were Amish. I lived near the Mohican river as well. Summer jobs for high school/college students in our area were generally either on campgrounds or doing farmwork. In fact, athletes were encouraged to bail hay as athletic conditioning. Recently, I found out that my town held a raccoon dinner--their 70th annual raccoon dinner. I'd not heard about it before but I guess it's because I've never been tempted by that kind of main course. Other hints that I grew up in a rural area? One stop light. 40something people in my graduating class. Oh, yes and we always had an extended Thanksgiving break. Why? The first Monday after Thanksgiving is the first day of deer season. (I'm guessing the school system knew that if they didn't schedule it, many of the students would be calling in sick anyway with the dreaded buck flu.)


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    Keep 'em coming! this is really fascinating especially (for me) about the various areas of Australia.

    Terri, I long to go back to the Bylbos restaurant in Cleveland. Loved it!
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    Wieliczka, Cracow, Poland
    This thread - brilliant idea! Carollee, thanks for it
    Something about my place:
    As a child I lived in Kraków (Cracow) - a very old and beautiful city (by many considered the most beautiful in Poland).
    I lived just in the heart of the town, 2 min. from the Main Market Square. We lived in very old building, belonging to the Medical University where my grandfather worked. After the changes in 1989 we had to leave it and now I live very, very near Kraków, in a small town Wieliczka. It is also very famous because of a unique salt main. There is a wonderful chapel underground in which everything is made of salt! In fact I live over the huge hole in the ground, because everywhere there are mine corridors. It is a little bit scary

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    Tucson and Flagstaff, AZ
    This is so fun! Great idea, Carol!

    I live in Arizona...Tucson in the winter and Flagstaff in the summer. We truly have the best of both worlds and live in two areas of the state that are very different geographically. Tucson is VERY desert. Mild winters and HOT summers. We normally get a cold snap in the winter, but so far, this winter has been really lovely. Flagstaff has an elevation of 7,000 ft. and is full of pine trees and mountains. The temperatures are about 20-25 degrees cooler than Tucson, which is why we live there in the summer. Tucson has some lovely areas to hike, biking is really big, and of course, golf! Flagstaff is much smaller but has wonderful hiking trails, is only an hour and a half from the Grand Canyon and has fabulous golf in the summer. Do you see the common thread of both cities? Golf is a must, mostly for my husband, but I dabble with it a bit.

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    We live in Northern Maryland near the tip of the Chesapeake Bay. It's considered suburban but feels a bit more rural to us and we love it like that. Easy access to the bay for sailing and just about 3 hours up to NYC and under 2 hours to Philly and 90 minutes to DC. There's always something to do! It's generally a bit warmer here though... this winter here has been brutal! Generally the winter temps are about 35-40° and summer gets hot with temps 85-100°
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    I live in a small rural community in South Texas, a couple of hours from Mexico. The closest big city is about 70 miles from where I live. I love the small community living--it's great to get to know your neighbors! We don't have 4 seasons. It is either summer or winter (people from the north would call it fall). The advantage of living in South Texas--we get to golf year round!!

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    Herefordshire, UK
    I live in a little market town in Herefordshire, England. We are surrounded by beautiful countryside . As a child I grew up in the highly industrial town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire but we moved with my father's job. As a teenager I found the move to the country very difficult but now I'm so glad my children can enjoy the leafy green of the countryside!
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    Ayrshire, Scotland
    Great question Carol! It's one of the things I love about sharing our pages here. I guess I'm nosey and love seeing what's at everyone's front door!

    I live in a small town in Ayrshire, in the West of Scotland, just half an hour from Glasgow. Our town has grown quite a bit even in the 10 years I've lived here, but still has a small feel. We have a Gala week each June. We're in countryside, so I know a few people who live on farms, and our house is on the edge of the town so from my back window I can see all the way across to the isle of Arran on a clear day as well as being able to do a good bit of stargazing!

    I love the scale of Scotland, I can get to the coast in half an hour, or to Loch Lomond in just under an hour.
    Chrissy x

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    I live in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah! I didn't grow up here so the mountains are still a bit surreal to me! We (unlike most of the country) are having a dry winter compared to normal. We hosted the Olympics 12 years ago so right now it's fun watching the Olympics on TV. We enjoy heading over to Park City during the summer and checking out some of the Olympic areas! Watching skiers practice in the summer, the actually land in a pool of water, as well as a fun ride on the Alpine Slide!

    The city that I live in is wonderful! Our city isn't large and doesn't have many stores, it is mostly homes with a few stores! The surround cities are the ones with the stores! (Target is only two miles north of me!)

    Utah is a great place to live nearly all year long! We have hiking and camping in the summer and snow sports in the winter. I even know some crazies that go on a Klondike over thanks!
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  23. Great thread, Carol! I live in Canada's capital city, Ottawa, two hours from Montreal and about four to Toronto, the provincal capital. During a G8 Summit held here (and environs) a while back, Dan Rather signed off with..."this is Dan Rather, reporting from the back woods capital of Canada". While, I think that that was hyperbole, Ottawa does have a small town feel to it. We are on the Ottawa River, which divides the province of Ontario from the province of Quebec and both official languages are spoken here, with signage in French and English. We are home to the Parliament Buildings, the National War Memorial and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We have the National Art Gallery and the National Art Centre and have several other theatre companies. There are large tracts of legally protected greenspace, including the near by Gatineau Park (in Quebec) which have many walking and biking trails in the Summer and become cross-country skiing trails in the winter. There are numerous beaches on both the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers in the Summer.
    The Rideau Canal becomes the World's largest outdoor skating rink at this time of year and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Summer or Winter, you can run for kilometers along the Canal without having to stop for traffic using pedestrian underpasses. We are also near to several ski resorts in the Gatineau Hills. We have a professional hockey team and a newly returned Canadian Football league team.
    Any one visiting is assured of a personal tour guide!

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    I love reading this thread! What a great idea! I am a city girl, born, raised and still here. I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Population is roughly 220,000. But for many of us who live here we are from K-W or the Tri-cities. So combine Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge the population is around 500,000.
    We have lots of shopping and lOl within a 5 min or less drive there are 6 Tim Hortons around me. We have a ski hill, lots of parks and community trails. In the summer when we want to head to the beach, 1-3 hour drive will get us to many on Lake Huron or Lake Erie..
    In K-W we have 2 big universities, WLU, University of Waterloo and also Conestoga College. Some of our biggest employees are Sunlife Financial, Manulife Financial and of course Blackberry's head office (formally known as RIM).
    Boxer Lennox Lewis is from Kitchener, actually went to the same highschool as me but at a different time.
    We are probably best known tho for our Octoberfest celebrations, the biggest outside of Germany. Many people from around the world come and visit thru out the festival.
    Even tho they are not actually from Kitchener, 2 Olympians competing in Sochi, Kristen Moore-Towers and Dylan Moscovitch, from our figure skating team, train at the K-W skating club.

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    I was born and raised in a fairly big city in Germany, lived in Italy for 6 years where I met hubby who accepted a residency in this small town in Western PA and this is where we have been living ever since. It's a rural and depressed town. It had it's glory days with the steel mills and the mines but those days are gone. It's mostly famous for the 2 awful floods it had to endure and I must say that the people of this town have been very resilient. They never gave up! There really is not much here, our big stores are Sears, Boscov's, Penney's and BonTon. We have two seasons, winter and road construction. It's a great area if you like to hunt and fish, those things abound, but other than that there is not much here for the kids. We recently purchased a home in downtown Charleston SC and I absolutely love it there. I feel a bit like a traitor, since we have lived here so long, but I just can't stand the winters anymore and the summers are often non-existent. I'd rather put up with the bugs and the heat
    Great thread, I love to find out more about you all

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    Another Aussie! I live in a northern suburb of Brisbane (capital city of Queensland). We love it here! We are in the middle of the suburbs but the beach is only 20 mins away (something we often take for granted). Even though we are in the suburbs we get so much wildlife here - something we love! I was on the trampoline with Lincoln one afternoon and saw a kangaroo hop past the back fence! Brisbane itself has a population of around 2.2 million. I haven't always been a city girl though. Until I was 10 we lived on a farm 'out bush'. I went to a school with a total of 27 kids! Then when I was 10 we moved to a small coastal city and I lived there until I moved to Brisbane in my early 20's. I still argue though I was never meant for this sub tropical climate!

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    This is such a fun thread! I love reading about the various places we all call home. We live in Northern Virginia about 25 miles from Washington DC. I?m not a city girl and really prefer smaller towns. However, we have enjoyed visiting our Nation?s Capital and having the opportunity to see the monuments, some of the museums, take in the Cherry Blossoms in the spring and I even went on a White House tour of the Christmas Tree display. We live here primarily for my job. However, a small town girl living is such a large metropolitan area; our little neck of the woods is not bad. We lived a little closer to DC from 1997-2003, spent 3 years back in Michigan, and returned to Northern VA in 2006. During our earlier years we would to drive out to where we live now to be in the country. That has all changed and the area has grown as the metro area has expanded. With that expansion has come many new home communities, shopping and traffic! The big box stores have moved in and a new shopping area almost finished with a couple multiplex theaters, lots of restaurants and shopping. Though it isn?t as rural as I would like, I do like the fact that in just 5-10 minutes I can feel like I am in the country. We live in an ?active adult community? which basically means ?old people?! LOL!!! We will be here for a little over a year and then it will be off to Houston, Texas as the company I work for is relocating there. But for now - this is home!
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    Great thread Carol!

    I live in a small village called Rhos on Sea which is on the North Wales coast between the seaside towns of Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. We've lived here now for four and a half years, since Hayley went to university. Although my work is an hours drive each way, I do love being on the coast. We're only 5 minutes away from Vincent's work - he needs to be closer to his work than I do as he's sometimes on call. We have everything we need close by... post office, chemist, ATM, hairdresser, gym, small supermarket, florist, gift shops, lingerie shop (!) fish & chip shop, chinese takeaway, italian restaurant, bakery, cafes, pub/bar... it's all just so convenient. Our flat itself is a little small - my kitchen is like a walk in cupboard but the view certainly makes up for it and it's a great little 'lock-up and go' when we head down to Cambridge to see Jodie and her boys! Overall it suits us right now and I just don't know if I'll ever be able to leave the sea!

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  29. I live in a small town in Georgia south of Atlanta. My sister-in-law and her husband live in Atlanta and consider us the middle of nowhere, but I don't consider it that bad! We moved here a couple of years ago from Indianapolis where I was going to school but where we are now is about 25 miles south of where we grew up so it's nice to be closer to family. I love living in Georgia.. weather is generally great (although we are about to get hit with a bad winter storm that is NOT the norm!). I am about a 30 minute drive from any good restaurants/shopping/Target though which stinks sometimes. Atlanta is close enough though (about 1 hour) and we go there fairly often for shopping/shows/restaurants. There is a great aquarium and the World of Coke is right beside it.. we do that once a year. Centennial Olympic park is nice and they have a cool Skyview Ferris Wheel there right now.
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    I live near Youngstown Ohio, in Poland, a suburb of Youngstown. We are located smack dab in between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. We are always referred to as the steel valley. When I was a young girl the graphite from the mills would fall from the sky like glitter and the huge smoke stacks would lite up the sky. I enjoy having 4 seasons of weather, each having its own splendor. This winter has been brutal, we are experiencing 23 days so far of below 0 temps. Its driving us all mad! We are about an hour and a half from the Great Lakes, Lake Erie being the closest. The 5 lakes are 78% frozen over this year, first time in 2 decades. Our whole family goes to Lake Erie every summer for a week which makes for a lot of great photos to scrap! We also have Mill Creek park which is 1 of the largest state parks and it is beautiful. So nice to hear about everyone's home town, Lynn you are but a hop, skip, and a jump from me and I have been there many times. I used to love to go to the flower factory and that mall close to there!


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