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Thread: Should I become a DD poster instead of just a lurker? (oh the nerves!)

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    Should I become a DD poster instead of just a lurker? (oh the nerves!)

    Hi ladies....let me start by saying that I've been around DD for years and am finally thinking about sharing some of my layouts, mostly my PL type layouts. I guess I've been hesitant to share because of the fear of not using enough DD product. I don't wanna be shunned! lol. You all have such amazing pages.

    I use a mishmash of digi supplies from all over the web, but do have a chunk of supplies from DD that I use almost in every layout. I'm just getting started and don't have a ton of experience in layouts, so some of them will probably seem empty....hoping to fill my pages more as the year goes on!

    Anyway, I guess all I can do is start and see where it takes me. All of your layouts seem so much "bettter" then mine, but I am thrilled to just be doumenting our life right now, so I know its perfect for where I am right now. Just have to find my own style, because right now I flip thru the galleries and want to have a reaction to my own layouts like I do some of yours. Thanks so much for sharing! And if I am violating any of the rules, please let me know!

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    Oh yes! Please do become a poster at DD! We would love to see your layouts. Believe me, you would not be shunned! It's fun to see different styles and meet new people. The only rule in the gallery is that a layout should have something from DD on it. I'll be watching for you! Welcome!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Oh please, don't feel any hesitation about posting your pages, we all started at some point (I remember my first pages LOL). It is so exiting to figure out how to create digitally and it's a continuous learning curve. Please, please do share, we would love to see your creations and take part in your life in a small (totally non-stalkerish ) way. There is no "better than mine" anyway, it's all in how you see things, what you like. And again, we are all learning, so you might pick up things on your journey through the gallery. I can't wait to see your PL pages!! Come on, share!! Oh yeah, and welcome to DD

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    I know you will not be disappointed that you shared if you choose to do so. We are more like family here and I'm sure you would feel the love, too. Welcome to you with this "toe in the water" post. :O)

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    Advice from someone who felt the same at one point. Go for it. Everyone here is wonderful and full of advice if you have a question. I too felt my layouts were "lacking" and not as well done as others. But the more layouts I do and the more advice I get the better I have become. Welcome to DD!

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    After reading the first little but I just wanted to scroll down and start a new comment! YES! YES! YES! Post away my friend! You will feel the love from the DD community! You will not be turned away or shunned. Like Lynnie said, your page just needs to have something from DD! We all start somewhere and learn from others as we go! It's so fun to see the various styles and "meet" people from around the world! I'm so eager to see your pages start popping up in the gallery!
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    Don't put it off any longer!!! Get posting! We'd love to see your pages in the gallery! Please don't worry about being shunned, that will never happen! You will be amazed at the friendliness and warmth of our community. As others have mentioned, your pages just need a DD product. I say, go for it - you'll be amazed! So looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!

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    YES! YES! YES! We all start somewhere!! Looking back at my first pages is horrific! We learn and grow and change style so much and that's what is fun! We'd love to see your work!

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    Yes! I think we are the toughest on our own work. Looking forward to seeing your pages!

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    Definitely post your pages - we'd love to see them and it feels so good to share and see feedback on your work

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    A huge YES! We'd love to see your layouts. And it is such a good feeling to get comments on your layouts! Go for it!

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    Yes you absolutely MUST start sharing your pages!!! We would love to see them and you would be welcomed with open arms!!! I remember how nervous I felt when I uploaded my first page here, but I was overwhelmed by the reception I got from this wonderful community, and I've been here ever since!!! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your pages in the gallery

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    The community at DD are such a warm and welcoming group of gals - You absolutely must post your pages! x
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    Oh, I do hope you step out of lurkdom and share your layouts with us. If you want a good laugh, take a look at my first layouts. They're sort of like baby pictures: when the baby first arrives, you think he's the most beautiful baby in the world. A few months later, those newborn pics make you laugh. We've all been where you are!

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    Hiya, so glad you got brave enough to post this thread. We've all been there, that point of wondering whether to click post on that first layout. You'll be so glad you did, I've been here 5 years now, and am always so pleased at the welcoming community we have here.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have, looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!
    Chrissy x

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    Please share! We'd love to see your pages and the only way to get better is to make more! Looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!

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    I remember it took me a year of scrapping before I dared post in an online gallery! I understand, but, really, you will find this community so supportive! We need you to join in the fun!

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    Oh yes - just what everyone else said - we would love to see your pages in the gallery - I've always found that the DD community is never anything else but encouraging and supportive. Post away!

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    So glad that you are posting with us now! YAY! I remember feeling so nervous when I posted my first layout here and then I got the most wonderful response for all the lovely people here that I ended up becoming addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am a fairly recent new member of DD and I can honestly say everyone has been so welcoming! I too lurked for years, heck I have freebies from DD from 2007. It is a fun journey and we all will look forward to you joining in! Welcome!

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    I remember how hesitant I was in the beginning before I posted my first page! I must have spent 30 minutes hovering over the SUBMIT button before I took the plunge! I couldn't have stepped into a more welcoming community. Join us! You won't regret it.

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I appreciate your kindness. Posted a few pages yesterday....hopefully you will see more of them soon!

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    I am so glad you decided to come out from the shadows!!! Off to go check out your pages

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    so glad you decided to come and join the group. Don't be intimidated. Everyone here is very friendly and uplifting.

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    This is simply the best community! I am so glad you decided to post your pages!

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    I "joined" in 2010 but never posted for the very same reason until 2012! Once I started posting, however, I got such positive feed back that I never felt scared again! We'd love to see your work!

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    I was in your shoes, too, at one time. But it's really more fun to post and share because you're with people who appreciate and understand scrapping.

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    I agree - post, post, post!!! We all have our own style. Remember - you are preserving your memories for you and your family. These is no measuring stick or rating system. I love seeing what everyone does with their own PL version.

    I will admit that I lurked quite a while before I jumped in and then I wondered what took me so long!! I'm anxious to see your pages!!
    aka - justbnsharon
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    Lurkdom can be lonely...and there's no need for that here! Post and you'll be surprised at how welcome you'll feel.
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