Hi ladies....let me start by saying that I've been around DD for years and am finally thinking about sharing some of my layouts, mostly my PL type layouts. I guess I've been hesitant to share because of the fear of not using enough DD product. I don't wanna be shunned! lol. You all have such amazing pages.

I use a mishmash of digi supplies from all over the web, but do have a chunk of supplies from DD that I use almost in every layout. I'm just getting started and don't have a ton of experience in layouts, so some of them will probably seem empty....hoping to fill my pages more as the year goes on!

Anyway, I guess all I can do is start and see where it takes me. All of your layouts seem so much "bettter" then mine, but I am thrilled to just be doumenting our life right now, so I know its perfect for where I am right now. Just have to find my own style, because right now I flip thru the galleries and want to have a reaction to my own layouts like I do some of yours. Thanks so much for sharing! And if I am violating any of the rules, please let me know!