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Thread: Happy Valentines!

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    Happy Valentines!

    Happy Valentines to my friends around the world! Do you have any fun plans?

    We usually celebrate the weekend before or after to avoid crowds. I usually get the girls a cute little Valentine gift and make one of our favorite meals that is usually more time consuming. To add to all the fun, Kira woke up with a fever so she is home from school today, resting on the couch watching PBS.

    Keith is a hard one to shop for. He NEVER wants anything. He is one of those practical guys that only asks for things that he needs. Sorry, but giving him gifts for the house and yard are far from romantic. So to make him happy, here's what I have come up with this year. I am going to give him cash and a card (which I was going to print off at the store since my color ink is wonky and needs to be refilled...but since I can't leave the house, it may be an e-card). He has been saving for a road bike ever since he bought his mountain bike. So hopefully this will make him happy. And that's what it's all about right!

    For the girls, I bought them some fun bubble blowers at Disneyland last week! I am sure they will love them!

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    Nothing exciting planned here, Gabby sounds like she had a little fight with her sweetheart, hopefully they will resolve this before tonight LOL. Hubby has a bug, so I'm not sure whether we will even make it to a movie. I know he ordered flowers for me and the kids (with a stuffed animal, usually), so that will be nice.... have a wonderful Valentine's Day, everybody!

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    Our financial planner has a special luncheon for all his clients on Valentine's Day every year which is always a treat. Good food and a beautiful location. In addition Dick shoveled the snow so we could get the car out to go! Yea!

    He got his special meatloaf dinner last night and a 12" scrapbook page this am. <--- Imagine that! LOL Love to all the wonderful people here and to your families.
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    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone at DD. Valentine's day here is low key this year. I have been sick for a week straight now and still dont have much energy. The kids have all had their turn this week being sick also and some injuries. Scott is having major back issues for the past 10 days and my daughter and son have some slight sport injuries in their knees (Matt ball and Bri dance). To say the least I will be happy when this week is behind us! Hoping to get out for date night with Scott Saturday evening for dinner (fingers crossed I feel up to it)

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    So sorry, Erin. Hope the sun comes out soon.

    Well, we don't do gifts per say for valentines, but I did dip oreos in chocolate for the men in my life and this morning I had a card and box of chocolates sitting on the table when I made it to the kitchen. My valentine and I shoveled snow this morning and we just got home from seeing Winter's Tale. We made it special by getting popcorn and a cherry coke. :O) Now, I'm on this site and he's asleep on the couch with Hermes. I'd say it was a successful day. lol

    Happy Valentines Day!

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    V Day yesterday in this part of the world. We just exchanged cards and went out for dinner last night to the local pub, which ended up fun as we knew the people at the next table so far from romantic there was a bit of banter back and forwards. Then we watched a movie last night (Valentines Day was on TV how appropriate). Well I should say I watched and Mike sat there and played on the iPad!

    We had exchanged gifts a couple of weeks ago. Running gifts, I got some snazzy running shorts and Mike got some runners (but now his knee has packed it in so no running at the moment!)

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    Darn, sounds like too many of you or your partners are feeling poorly-
    We usually don't do much for Valentine's Day, but hubbie usually gets some flowers. This year, we were iced in and then I have a head cold, so we celebrated by going to Costco-I made a page of our Chick fil a breakfast- it was pretty cute.
    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    Happy Valentine's everybody!! It's almost over for us Brits but as I'm only 5 hours into a 15 hour nightshift it hasn't been the most romantic of evenings for me anyway!! I did get two cards though which was a nice surprise, especially as I'm single I hope you all have a lovely evening with your loved ones if you celebrate this day

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    Happy valentines day everyone! Nothing exciting here either! I had sent a package off to Kelly at school and Randy and I exchanged cards. We've been in a bit of a snow event so after shoveling we watched all of season 4 of Downton Abbey! Now sitting down to be creative and watch the olympics!
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    Happy Valentine's to you too!

    We don't do much for Valentine's Day, preferring to wait till April for our anniversary for gifts and cards and a night out. Hubby had to leave early this morning for work, but did manage to come home early too! He came with chocolates for me and the kids, and I bought some heart shaped bowls today and heart shaped chocolates to put in them, I even picked up a card while I was at the shops so I think I win the Brownie points this time.
    Chrissy x

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    I like to remember Valentine's Day when I was a kid when we decorated Valentne boxes and exchanged cards with everyone in the class.

    Today DH and I went out for lunch to celebrate.

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    Happy Valentine's Day everyone! - No special plans for today but I am heading to Cozumel and have to be up at 4:30am. I plan on doing some scuba diving and taking lots of photos so I will have lots to scrap when I come back.

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    Looking forward to your pics, seahorsefan! Hope that you have a good trip!

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    Dang! I've only got to this thread now so Valentine's Day has already gone in the UK! Vincent and I don't really celebrate it either apart from wishing one another a happy day, that is! Oh and I did buy some special chocolate while I did the grocery shopping! But we are going to cook a nice meal tonight (Saturday) - probably steak with peppercorn sauce Have a good one all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mugsbigsis View Post
    I did dip oreos in chocolate for the men in my life and this morning I had a card and box of chocolates sitting on the table when I made it to the kitchen.
    Speaking of Oreos...I had to run to the store to buy Kira some more Tylenol and I came across the new flavors of Oreos!! Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Creme! I purchased both, but haven't had a chance to try them yet!

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