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Thread: Project Life- after much thought...

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    Project Life- after much thought...

    I have decided to not do a weekly project life spread and instead do a monthly spread and highlight all the things we did during the month. Has anyone else done this approach? I find I just have too much trouble keeping up with stuff weekly these days and as we will soon be starting on building our new house, I figured I had better I want to do an album of all the steps of our building process too. I always start the year off with such good intentions and then find that life gets too busy to keep up!! So I truly feel better about this approach and still think I can capture our daily lives well doing it this way!

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    Hi Lacey, that's the beauty of this type of project... it can be adapted to suit and I do know there are others taking this approach too - so go for it! Building your new house sounds so exciting and I can't wait to see you pages as you document the process! Good luck with both this and your monthly spreads!

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    I agree with Liz. I think the great thing about telling your story is doing it however works for you. If a monthly, semi-monthly, or even quarterly project works...go for it! The last few years while I was finishing college, I took all the pictures but didn't put them together until I was off on Christmas break. After finally graduating, I decided this year I'll do the layout each week. For me, that's been a ton of fun! BUT, there have definitely been times this wouldn't have worked out, been practical, or been fun! I think a big part of it is enjoying the journey!

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    I reckon whatever works for you at the time Lacey - I guess the most important part is just telling your story and recording your memories in a format that is manageable for you at the time. Best of luck with your building!

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    I agree! There are no rules. Do whatever works for you. It does sound like something that is more achievable. All the best with your house building!
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    It took me a while to realize there are no rules to this. I'm a "pleaser" person so wanted to do it "right" and I love the fact that "right" is however I want it to be!! I think keeping it simple really makes it easier to keep up!
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    It is the same for me Lacey. I decided to use the pocket page templates to make a monthly summary layout (one or two pages). They are also double use because I will put them into our yearly album to separate the months and also as the basis for our calendar which I usually struggle to put together last minute just before Christmas! Weekly PL is just too much for my schedule right now!

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  8. Last year, and I am going to do this again for this year, I made a 2 page monthly round-up of favorite photos for each month. I really liked this approach because it took the pressure off of trying to remember to take a photo day (as in the 365 plan) or doing weekly pages (as in PL). It meant that I focused on the highlights only and if one week there were no special photos I could make up for it with several photos from a day when the grandkids came over and went sliding on our hill, for example. I loved the book I had printed for 2013. Some months (December, for example) had more than 2 pages. I like the flexibility this gives me.

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    I like that approach, Merr. That is what I was planning for this year with mine. It just happened that I have 4 pages for January - but February may only be 2 and that will be OK.
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    Glad to know how others do their approach to PL! I just think it will simplify things for me and then when I have more time in upcoming years (hopefully) I can keep up with the weekly PL.

  11. I have the worlds easiest approach - I take 365 pictures whenever I can and make either a 2 page spread or 4 for each month - I take way more that 365 but I shoot for that many in the album.... title = more or less so I'm good regardless.... no rules life is way too short to stress over it....
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    Sounds like a great plan Lacey! Monthly wrap ups are great! I did them a few times for a year but then gave up on it. Wish i hadn't!

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    That's the beauty of this project! You do what you want!! I know there are a few others out there that just do a monthly recap rather than a weekly one!! I too get behind at times, but I am so grateful that I stick to it! This is my ultimate favorite project!
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  14. I do a monthly page, Lacey, and I love it! Much less pressure. I just stick the photos from that month in a favorites folder by month, and take notes of things I really want to document. That way I can go back to it when I have the urge to do a re-cap, and not worry about "keeping up." Those are some of my favorite pages, by far!

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    Lacey, we built a house over the last year, moved in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am STILL underwater trying to catch up with life....and I agree with you, you will really need a simplified approach this year! Monthly sounds great, and will be a wonderful way to remember this special time in your family's life.

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    It sounds as though you have a great plan for your PL!! I am busier than ever at the moment with a new baby and almost 3 year old but I have to stick with my weekly pages because I don't take notes about what happened in the week. It's how I make sure I stay caught up - I'll forget everything otherwise. LOL! Don't ask me what I'd do if I ever fell behind!

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    I did a monthly PL last year but only made it to June! LOL! I am contemplating going back and filling in the blanks. It was a hybrid project though and I had to do a lot of printing, cutting, sticking and arranging! This year I've taken Cathy Zielske's minimal approach and am back onto doing a weekly review. I'm all digital now and I like it - mainly because it makes me use my camera much more frequently and I can do a weekly spread in 30 minutes or so...
    Good luck - and remember it's your project and your rules!
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    I think that's a great idea Lacey.......whatever approach you take will be worth while and you will be glad you did so!! Good luck!!

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    It sounds like you've really thought it through, Lacey. I'm sure you'll be really happy with this approach. I am just in awe of anyone attempting anything remotely like this. Two weeks is about the longest I have ever lasted at any of these kind of projects, so I've decided it's just not me I sort of scrap pretty well everything noteworthy just as pages for our yearly albums - which makes me think that I must lead a rather boring existence!!!

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  20. I love the good ideas which your thread has given me, Lacey! I've never done a true PL . . . this year I'm doing a POTD with just a little journaling . . . each page is pretty much the same. I made a template and predated 31 of them so all i need to do is choose the day and change the month! So far it is working . . . I have a terrible track record for falling behind and dropping projects.

    A couple of years i have done my favorite photos . . . sometimes I have over 200 photos and others more or less. Like Merrilee said . . . December usually has the most photos!

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