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Thread: ANOTHER organisation thread sorry...

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    ANOTHER organisation thread sorry...

    As Im actually keeping up with PL this year, i think its time I got organised. I currently use Adobe Bridge but haven't tagged everything but had a quick search of the forum and saw that ACDSee is popular. My question is anyone think it might be worth me switching over? I need to clear a bit of space before I can install the free trial, or if theres not a ton of difference should I just work on tagging in Bridge? The thing I like least with bridge is always opening folders, so for example if i search tape and have a few tape folders I'm always opening them and going back, id like to just kinda see thumbnails of everything if possible… but that might be because I haven't tagged everything?

    Thanks x
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    Don't apologise, we're all up for snippets and tips regarding organisation.

    I don't know about Bridge, but I do use ACDSee 14 and really like it, but heck I'm so behind with my tagging. Although what I've used it for a lot is that I use the store names for product (when I know I have that item) to search on ACDSee for the name of the file - eg "summer" or "december" or whatever, I'm having a better chance of locating my items that way. Does anyone EVER catch up with tagging? I feel like I should start again and simplify, I've overdone myself on the categories I think.

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    I have been waiting until I can do some research and can give a more informed answer to this question. It is one that worries me a little. I would hate to lose all my tags!
    I see that you are now also looking at Mavericks for your tagging.
    I have discovered that ACDSee has its own quirky set of metadata fields that it uses to record information. These are automatically stored in the ACDSee database but there's an option to embed the tags into the file metadata. It is a good idea to embed your tags into the file so that if your ACDSee database crashes you can still retrieve all of your tags from the file - but only back into ACDSee. It stores tags in an "Categories" field of the metadata which is non standard and not directly readable by Bridge or Lightroom. I was unable to find anyone who could transfer the tags from ACDSee to Lightroom or Bridge.
    Adobe Bridge and Lightroom use the same metadata fields to record keywords. They use "Subjects" and "Hierarchical Subjects". Bridge stores the keywords instantly within the file. Lightroom keeps a separate database, and you need to Save Metadata to File (Ctrl+S) to embed the keywords into those fields so they are visible in Bridge or so you can transfer the file to another computer without losing your keywords.
    As far as I can see Mavericks uses a completely different system. I was unable to find anyone who could transfer data from Bridge/Lightroom to Mavericks. But I don't have a Mac, so I'm not much use there!

    So in answer to your question - Bridge seems to be more standard than ACDSee, so if you've already started using it I'd continue!
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    I had a problem with my Bridge a few weeks ago and thought I lost everything. I was in a panic! I'm pretty good at tagging (got my system down pretty good) so everything was tagged!! However, I'm not into the meta-details/info so can't speak to that area. I want to be able to easily tag items into several categories; be able search, find and preview items. I downloaded the free trial of ACDSee and played with it and was OK with the process. I bought it because it was on a good sale and I didn't want to miss it. I really can't scrap without my tags! I spent a lot of time retagging for ACDSee it worked but I was so missing my Bridge. Long story short - I finally got David, the family tech guy, to look at my problem and we managed to get the tags back for Bridge. I'm one super happy camper!! I?m sure we all have our systems of tagging and searching that we are comfortable with. I like the ease of tagging, searching and display. I can?t say that one is better than the other, however, I personally prefer the Bridge. Both programs work but if you have half of the work already done you might want to stay with what you have.
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    Lovely thanks guys, I shall keep at it then
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