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Thread: Shutterfly photo printing

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    Shutterfly photo printing

    I know people talk about turning off "vivid" when printing pages/books with shutterfly so colors stay true. Is that also necessary when just printing 4x6 prints from the camera?!? I recently used a 101 free prints offer and got prints to share with other people. I have to say I am less than impressed with the colors!!! Some were even so bad, I considered NOT giving those prints to people!
    Did I need to make an adjustment somewhere or check a box?!?!
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    I only check that box for the jpegs I upload as scrapbook pages to put in a Shutterfly book.

    I have generally been pleased with the prints from Shutterfly, but, I don't order prints very often.

    I would definitely let them know you are unhappy.

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    No help here, sorry. I've only ordered albums and Christmas cards through Shutterfly. And with those I did check the vivid box.

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    Brenda .. lately, the only time I order prints from Shutterfly is when I see the email offering free prints .. can't beat 'em for free if you turn off vivid. I have always turned it off whether for prints or books. I also ordered during the latest 101 free prints and my colors were pretty much spot on to what I saw on the computer. If you have already made your adjustments in photoshop/elements/lightroom then it is best to not let them make any other adjustments. Hope this helps for the future.

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