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    Yes, the eternal organization question. THis is going to be my 4th attempt to get organized. Started with folder system, next tried LR (before LR 5), currently using PSE. Now looking at ACDSee. I use a PC. My question is about the metadata. Does ACDSee automatically embed that or is there a setting i need to set up at the beginning so that all files have metadata embedded? Any suggestions, helps, hints or tricks you also have to encourage me would be super. I am thinking of just starting with tagging previews, then maybe the things i like most like flairs, papers, templates. I don't know, about to give up as I have WAY, i mean WAY too much stuff. SIgh..... Thanks for letting me whine, pass the cheese too please.

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    I have not used ACDsee so can't answer your metadata question. But I will chime in and say I pretty much only tag previews and select few "favorite" things using PSE. That method works well for me. When I search and a preview comes up, for the most part I am able to remember pretty closely what that kit is like. Sometimes I have to go to the folder for a closer look but not often. Good luck!
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    When I tag new items, then close out ACDSee it automatically embeds the metadata. I've been using it for so long though, I'm not sure if I had to set it up that way or not. There is any area under tools - options - database to set a reminder though, if its not automatic. That's the same spot you can set your backup database reminder too. There used to be some category lists that were available online which make a great starting point. Even if they're more detailed than you need right now, they can still be helpful. PM me if you'd like to know my basic set up.

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    I'll pop on my computer later (on the iPad at the moment) but when I tag ACDSee 14 is the version I am using, there's a button down the bottom (embed tags, or embed metadata) probably doesn't say that at all, but in my head there's a button, unless there's another way to do it.

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    Carol is right. I have ACDSee 15, and in the Tools menu there's an option Embed ACDSee Metadata -> In All Files
    Also, in Tools -> Options there is an option in the Database section where you can tick "Display embed ACDSee metadata reminder". Perhaps that is what Jane has selected so it automatically reminds her.
    I would recommend that. There are so many people who lose their database for some reason and the tags are all gone! I couldn't bare that! If the tags are embedded in the metadata they can be read by any tagging system and a database of tags can be rebuilt in no time.
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    So, what happens if you change your tagging system? Say I have a red label, designed by Katie. If I tag it as a label, red and by designer, embed the data and then decide to untag the colour...does the metadata get overridden....or does the data get added. Isn't there some error which causes the system to crash when the label gets too long? Or am I over thinking this?



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