Hi girls,
Just to let you know that I'm slowly going my way into digital.
Some time ago I bought two of Cassie's tutorials.
The first one was Getting Started: your First Layout.
Second one.... LIAO: A Bit of Comic Relief.
I've decided these last days to go swloly but safely.
At that point of decision I've bought the following..... Getting started with Templtes, Getting Started with Brushes.
As well as How'd They do That Sticker Arts and How'd They Do That Custom Photo Brush.
And I'll probably be going with an other How 'd they Do, but trully do not know which one. I really love the Perfect Blend one, the Custom Photo one, the Dripping with Colors one, the.....
The only question I have right now is to know which technique to apply to which photo.
But I guess that this is the artistic part I'll have to deal with on my own.
Take care girls.