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Thread: Jamaica anyone?!

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    Jamaica anyone?!

    No this isn't a sign up thread! Lol! I just booked our 10 year anniversary in Jamaica for the end of June. We are staying at The Jewel Dunn's River, 5 star adults only! Yeah! Anyone been to Jamaica?? Anything we should go do/see?? I know our resort is minutes away from Dunn's Falls which is suppose to be beautiful. Any other thoughts?


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    Dunns River is beautiful but it's very touristy now. I was there in the 80s. Also went to Negril in the mid-90s and that was beautiful! Took a cruise that stopped in Jamaica a couple of years ago and still very beautiful. Just be careful if you venture away from the resort. Have a great trip!
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    Like Katie said, be very careful outside of the resort. Jamaica is incredibly beautiful. We took a raft ride down the Martha Brae River (felt like being in Jurassic Park!) Dunns River is crowded particularly the falls area. You will be inundated with locals trying to sell you things...literally anything...we were approached going to our car in the airport parking lot! But the photos you'll be able to take of the area will be incredible! One of the funniest things we ever saw was at our resort when we were in the swimming pool and it started to rain. Everybody ran for cover except us...because? We're in the POOL, people! We are already WET!

    Have a great time!!

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    We stayed at an all inclusive in Negril in 2009. It was AMAZING!! We stayed on the resort the entire time.
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    Oh I would love to visit Jamaica! We've been to the Caribbean a few times and every island is just breath taking! Best of luck planning Mel!!

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    Have a wonderful time... Jamaica is one of my favorite places. I would also recommend you be careful of wondering on your own but there are plenty of tours available thru the resorts. One we did last year when we were there was the Bob Marley Tour.. it's a bus tour to Nine Miles the place where Bob Marley was born and is now buried. It's a little 'off beat' in that the tour guides are all Rastaffaerian (I don't think that's spelled correctly) and there is quite a bit of discussion about ganga (marijuana) but it is wonderfully insightful and a true learning experience of the people and history of Jamaica (just don't drink the mellow tea) :-) Yes Dunn's River Falls is crowded and touristy but climbing the falls is sort of a 'must do' while you're there. My biggest recommendation is that you just enjoy the people of Jamaica, they have a different outlook on life.
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    Sounds so great, Mel! We're going to Texas at the end of June and that's going to be hot... Can't imagine how hot Jamaica will be at that time! I'd love to go somewhere right now!

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    I was going to say the same thing, Mel. The falls are fabulous and Jamaica is beautiful, but be careful if you venture off the resort on your own. There is so much poverty in Jamaica, everyone has a hand out and unfortunately that breeds a lot of scams. I'm sure the people on the resort would tell you the same thing.

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    That sounds wonderful, Mel! So happy you will have a getaway like this!

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    Jamaica off the beaten path is raw and steamy. I LOVED it for the appreciation gained again in the plenty we have here. We were there in November for our cruise. We've seen it a couple times before. Do be careful. Use a guide if you venture out. Enjoy and happy anniversary!



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