I know there have been several threads in the past about tagging. Iíve done all my tagging through the Bridge with my CS5. It has worked great and I was completely satisfied ---- until yesterday when all of my categories vanished and I canít seem to find a fix that will bring them back. Iím sure some of you heard me groaning!! I have been using the Bridge every time I do a page and I am completely lost without it!!

Iím thinking I maybe need to move to ACDSee so headed off to look at the options. I notice there are free downloads and then at the ACDSee site there are several program versions/option that are currently on sale and available for trial before purchase.

So now itís my turn to ask for advice. I know that many of you use this as your tagging option. What versions do you use or do you just use the general free download. Advice and suggestions please