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Thread: Brushing and masking and stamps: Oh, my!?

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    Question Brushing and masking and stamps: Oh, my!?

    I have accumulated templates, brushes, paint and masks and have discovered that I really don't understand how to use them or even the differences between them.

    Is there a dictionary of terms somewhere or a 'how to'? I looked at the Big Picture Classes but don't see anything that fits the bill-on this subject anyway.
    My problem with the brushes is that I am unable to see my choices like I can when I use a keyword like 'paper' or 'word art' or 'stitches'. Even if I loaded them all in, they don't appear in a list like that in my PSE 11. I once had 4 or 5 sets loaded and accessible but the next time I went in they were gone.

    I was working with a template the other day (KP Blended LT No 16). I clipped a photo to one of the paint swatches and then had a devil of a time keeping the photo visible as I added colours etc to the rest. That's when I figured out paint and mask isn't the same thing.

    Hence the question.:

    Breaking news:
    * Found a few leads*

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    Hi Caron!
    Yes, brushes can be a bit different and you throw masking in there.. oh boy!

    In our tips section we have lots of tips and tricks on Brushes

    and then our youtube videos on brushes might help too!

    Hope that helps!
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    Just clicked on the tips and tricks on brushes and got the I am sorry there is no matches, try a different term.
    I will do the next one, if I am not back you know I have had success.

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