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Thread: What program should I get for an Ipad?

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    What program should I get for an Ipad?

    Am I correct that elements does not work with Ipads? I use elements 11 on my PC and love it. If I get something for my mac
    is there a program that isn't one that you have to pay monthly for. Or use the cloud. I am not understanding any of that and happy how Elements works. I would like to use my Ipad for travel, is this possible to get something SIMPLE on it that can move to my PC and still work on it?

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    As far as I understand (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong), there are no programs/apps that you use to scrap with on an ipad. On a Mac computer or laptop - yes, of course, but not on an ipad.

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    If you google scrapbook apps for the iPad you will find that there are several, however, they would not compare to what you are able to create using PSE on your computer. I think they would mainly be useful for making simple books using the photos you take with the iPad. The designs would be very simple. Maybe someone will answer that has experience with one of these apps.

    I have never tried to create scrapbook pages on my iPad. When I travel I bring my laptop along for scrapping.

    My advice, if you don't have a laptop for travel, would be to concentrate on taking photos while you travel that you will scrap after you get back home. You can easily transfer photos from your iPad to your PC with an app called Photo Transfer.

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    Thanks great advice from both of you. I think I will take the time to redo my photography class and practice just like you mentioned.
    And also now that you said that about the Ipad not for programs, I do remember that.
    So you both helped me out a lot.



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