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Thread: Wedding Pics

  1. Wedding Pics

    The photographer from Sara and Craig's wedding has put up a post on his blog of a selection of their photographs. What you may ask has this got to do with Designer digitals? Well, apart from a few friends who might like to take a peek, 95% of the jars we decorated for the table were done with DD papers, mainly Katie's. There was a lot of printing and cutting and sticking going on in the run up to the wedding I can tell you! In the earlier photographs the table looks a bit sparse but that's before I got there! The wedding planner didn't quite get the cluttered homespun vibe we wanted..."get all the jars on the table... NOW!!!! ...Only joking, we sorted it together, and I put him right about how all the family contributed and no jar had to be left out! And now finally Colin realises the uses of 'virtual' paper

    Just thought you would like to see how DD contributed to the wedding and that I finally managed to use some patterned paper

    Fiona x

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    I am so glad you included us here, Fiona. Off to see the pics! :O)

    FABULOUS! I had chills all over again. What a beautiful couple! I swear if I were getting married again I would have her dress. Gorgeous, gorgeous couple and YOU look fantastic! You have a smile that lights up the room, Fiona.

    Now, you must explain the b&w photo that the man had and then Sara was looking at.

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    Fabulous! What a beautiful venue and you all looked so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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    Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law, Fiona! I'm so glad you shared those lovely photos -- what a gorgeous wedding, and I love your table decorations. Your daughter looks SO much like you -- pretty ladies!

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  5. Oh my goodness, Fiona! What a treat to see the photos!
    Sara looked just beautiful and you were absolutely stunning - beaming with love and happiness.
    The wedding looks incredible and the jars were such a creative centerpiece.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

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  6. I would not have wanted to miss out on seeing the photos of your daughter's lovely wedding, Fiona. That was a wonderful treat to view all the fabulous shots. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes to the bride and groom! They are a gorgeous couple.

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    What a beautiful couple/wedding, Fi! So glad you shared with us!

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    Oh, wow, Fi... I'm SOOOOO happy you shared! LOVE every single one of the photos... wonderful, happy, loving, colorful... what a fabulous day! You looked gorgeous and so did both of your girls! Of course, Sara's dress was perfect and so beautiful... the venue was lovely... even all those umbrellas made me smile! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! It looks like such a lovely wedding. Seeing such beautiful wedding photos makes me want to do it all again!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow, Fiona, the photos are awesome and I can totally see what you said about the table LOL. What a difference after you laid your hands on them Congratulations to you and your daughter, everything looks so wonderful! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!!

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    So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!
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    What a beautiful couple and love what you added to the tables as well
    -anx -

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    Congratulations! You and your daughters all looked so beautiful and happy! Lovely wedding!

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    OMG! She looks just like you when she laughs!! You and Colin look fabulous. They do too, of course.

    Congrats to all of you and thanks for showing us the beautiful event.

    I remember when those girls were trekking off to Australia.....

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    BUT I'm not gonna!

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    Such a gorgeous wedding! Congrats to Sara and thank you so much for sharing, Fiona!

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    OH Fiona!!!! I am so thrilled about this!!! You just made my day my lovely lady!!! The photos are gorgeous, the couple adorable, and I love love love the jars and the table setting!!!!!
    So happy for you and thank you for sharing this!
    Best of wishes to you all. And a happy New Year to you too!! {{{hugs}}}
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    What a treat Fiona... such lovely wedding photos... you simply radiated love and excitement... your creativity for the tables... the perfect touch... very best wishes to Sara and Craig...

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    Love love love it all Fiona. Elegantly relaxed looking - my kind of wedding.
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    Gorgeous photos!

  20. oh man. For some reason the link didn't work but then I searched for sara and found it. Beautiful beautiful beautiful Fiona! You looked gorgeous. Your daughters gorgeous. My fav pick was the confetti pics. SO fun and colourful!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  21. oh Fiona what a gorgeous celebration of their marriage.. beautifully photographed and such a lovely venue...
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    Oh Fiona they are gorgeous! So glad you shared with us here at DD! You look fabulous and the jars--so creative. Everything looks like it turned out just fabulous.

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    Wow - beautiful!
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  24. Fi, these are stunning photos. What gorgeous memories of what must've been an amazing day. Congrats all around and thank you thank you for sharing. You look fab!!
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  25. How exciting! What a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your family!

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    Fiona - you must be absolutely ecstatic with these photos. They are AWESOME !!!! Love everything about the wedding day. Your daughters dress is beautiful. You look amazing too!
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  27. Goodness Fiona . . . how did I miss seeing this thread in the forums????

    I am so happy that I landed upon it tonight. Sara is one of the prettiest and most radiant brides I've seen in a very long while . . . the entire wedding looks like it was such a fun celebration for Sara & Craig. I love your jars stringing down the middle of the very long table . . . you did a lot of work and looks like it was well worth the time. Wonderful idea!!

    The photos are some of the best I've ever seen . . . your photographer really knows what he id doing, doesn't he? He not only captured the lovely wedding . . . but, he certainly captured the fun of it all! I feel as thought I were there in the midst of it all!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your joy here with us . . . I for one am totally delighted!!! You are simply beautiful . . . glowing I would say!!! xoxoxo

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    Fiona, for some reason I too have missed seeing this. She looks totally amazing and they both look so in love. What a perfectly magical day full of colour and smiles and you, you hot thing, you look incredible !!!

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    It looks like such a brilliant day! I am watching all your blog posts and making mental notes...
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  30. Wow! That photographer did an AMAZING job, both with the photos and angles and capturing the spirit, but also in how the photos are displayed on the site as well. I so enjoyed scrolling down to find the jars, it was really a treat.

    Those jars/vases lent such a festive and fun atmosphere to the event! It made the tables pop with color and a wonderful, warm feeling. Congratulations on the wedding and marriage of your child (it's a big life event for the mom too!), and on making such a gorgeous, creative contribution to the festivities. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

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