The photographer from Sara and Craig's wedding has put up a post on his blog of a selection of their photographs. What you may ask has this got to do with Designer digitals? Well, apart from a few friends who might like to take a peek, 95% of the jars we decorated for the table were done with DD papers, mainly Katie's. There was a lot of printing and cutting and sticking going on in the run up to the wedding I can tell you! In the earlier photographs the table looks a bit sparse but that's before I got there! The wedding planner didn't quite get the cluttered homespun vibe we wanted..."get all the jars on the table... NOW!!!! ...Only joking, we sorted it together, and I put him right about how all the family contributed and no jar had to be left out! And now finally Colin realises the uses of 'virtual' paper

Just thought you would like to see how DD contributed to the wedding and that I finally managed to use some patterned paper

Fiona x