I have accumulated templates, brushes, paint and masks and have discovered that I really don't understand how to use them or even the differences between them.

Is there a dictionary of terms somewhere or a 'how to'? I looked at the Big Picture Classes but don't see anything that fits the bill-on this subject anyway.
My problem with the brushes is that I am unable to see my choices like I can when I use a keyword like 'paper' or 'word art' or 'stitches'. Even if I loaded them all in, they don't appear in a list like that in my PSE 11. I once had 4 or 5 sets loaded and accessible but the next time I went in they were gone.

I was working with a template the other day (KP Blended LT No 16). I clipped a photo to one of the paint swatches and then had a devil of a time keeping the photo visible as I added colours etc to the rest. That's when I figured out paint and mask isn't the same thing.

Hence the question.:

Breaking news:
* Found a few leads*