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Thread: Any creative ideas?

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    Any creative ideas?

    My oldest daughter made the varsity dance team this year and as a part of being on the team, she is assigned a 'sister' on the team. The girls then buy each other $5-$10 gifts to exchange for each meet and invitational. My problem is they keep adding meets and I am running out of ideas.
    I am looking for any ideas you might have for creating some cute presents using Photoshop or using pictures or any other ideas you might have!
    I have already created a subway art poster and a travel mug where you insert a picture.
    I would love any ideas that you might have! I think I have about 6 gifts sections and state! EEK!

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    Way to go, Megan!!! That's awesome! But, I see you dilemma... well, I'm not sure I'm much help on the gifts. We never did anything like that... maybe, once a year at Christmas, but not every tournament!

    That said... hmmmm... if you had a photo of the two of them together, you could put it in a cute little frame.
    How about a name tag for the bag(s) that hold their gear? You could maybe do a "candy or treat or healthy treat" bag with a creative bag topper.
    Maybe a "map" of where they've had meets this year... like Chrissy did HERE?
    Jana had this clever idea: WHITE BOARD last year. You could also do that with a small corkboard.
    Bailey framed this really cute "NAMETAG".
    Maybe a transfer onto a tee shirt like Paula did HERE on these napkins?

    Yes... I'll admit... I've been checking out the Hybrid Gallery! These creative ideas are NOT mine! LOL Good luck... I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful and creative and cool and Megan's "sister" will love them all!

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    We do this with my daughter who is on competitive gymnastics. We have done themes - one was an itunes gift card and some pop rocks - hoping she would 'rock' her meet..
    another was fuzzy socks and eos and a poem my dd wrote (totally cute), we have made name tags for her bag, one time she got her hair scrunchies and wished her a hair
    raising performance at a regional comp, we knew her favorite animal, so we got a little stuffed friend and had him holding her favorite candy one week... I could go on and on - we actually have been passing along something to her gym big sister practically weekly....
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    Thanks Debi and Sarah! You have sparked a couple new ideas!



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