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Thread: 2014 calendars

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    2014 calendars

    I inadvertently bought the 2013 all in one calendar to make a present, made it, printed it, picked it up, was happy, then realized it said 2013!!! why is there no 2014 of this beautiful layout available? I don't want to make separate calendar cards, but that looks like my only option. There isn't a CD 2014 calendar template yet either. I wish Katie/the designers would make the next year's calendar templates available early so we can make holiday presents!!! Please, Katie?!?!


  2. I searched "calendar" in the store and came up with these two and Looks like they have both been there since the 7th of November.

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    I made 2014 CD calendars for my family for Christmas. I used a page template from Two Thousand Twelve CD Calendar Layered Templates No. 02 and combined it with the calendars from Calendar Strips 2014 Layered Templates. I was pleased with the way they came out and it was easy to combine these two products. You could easily combine other templates with 2014 calendars in this way. Here are a few of my pages:

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    How frustrating to have done it all using the wrong calendar! I wonder whether you can swap around the grids for each month to work for 2014. If not, you might be able to paste in the 2014 months from the Calendar strips that Lynn mentioned.
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    I'm sorry I just hadn't gotten to a 2014 CD calendar and thought it was just too late. I will see if I can't get one done for release this coming weekend!
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  6. You may want to try Shutterfly to avoid the date mix-up. I make a two-page hanging calendar for the family every year through Shutterfly. Their calendar template supplies the dates for the upcoming year so it is always up to date. All I do is create a layout (using DD products, naturally ) to use at the top of the page and upload that. They have several different calendar formats if a two-page hanging calendar is not what you want, each of which supplies the dates automatically. You can also tag dates with birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in some formats, and your Shutterfly account keeps them on file for the following years. After Thanksgiving, Shutterfly also offers some great discounts. Something to consider for the future perhaps ...

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    I make calendars for myself only and like Lynn, I combine old calendar templates I've bought. N.b I have had months like February end up with 30 or 31 days! Thank goodness for candy-Z. Lol
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    I too just order my calendars from shutterfly!! I create the toppers with DD product and then upload them to Shutterfly! I've done it this was for about four years now! My parents and in-laws get them to Christmas each year and really look forward to them!! The only issue is changing the birthdays from one to the next (my parents are divorced and remarried so I don't put theirs in each other's, KWIM).
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    Shutterfly doesn't have the CD calendars which are what my family likes for desktop display. These are what I make every year using Katie's templates.
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    I'm not going to be able to get 2014 CD calendars done and I'm afraid I'm just too late. I've made myself a note on my calendar to get them done this coming summer for 2015! Thank you!
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    thanks, Katie! I would love to be able to give a CD or wall (all-in-one) calendar to everyone next year.
    thanks to everyone else for your suggestions! I had a feeling I wasn't the only one in this boat with wanting calendars to give as presents.

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    I am in the doghouse with my parents because I did not do a calendar. I had made 12x12 CM calendars until the belly went up and was at a loss as to what to do now. So I did nothing.Looking at Shutterfly for 12x12 if I can get over the fact that they aren't perforated for subsequent album use. Or Heritage Makers which does do the perforated 12x12. Depends on what I get for selling my first born...

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