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Thread: YOUR time to SHINE!

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    YOUR time to SHINE!

    This is YOUR time to shine!! Let's share OUR OWN favorite page that we created during 2013!! We create so many pages week after week, and I really enjoy being able to share my pages here in the gallery! So take some time, flip through YOUR gallery and link us up to a page that you just loved creating in 2013!!
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    I narrowed my pages down to about five that I really loved when I was done creating them!! I ended up picking this one for several reasons!! It includes my entire family! I used one of my favorite kits that Katie created in 2013. It shows my style. etc

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  3. Well, I didn't have that many to choose from and there were quite a few memorial/tribute ones that are dear to my heart but this is the one that I had the most fun creating because it made me smile!

    Journaling: Since we didn't make it to the Mob Attraction last year when we were in Las Vegas, we decided to go this year. They have renamed it and now it's the Mob Experience. It's an interactive "show". The first laugh we had was when the mobster who was going to introduce us to Big Tony asked for our names. I couldn't help it, I started laughing. Then I told him my name was Patsy. So when he introduced us it was as Dean and "the scapegoat". Our second laugh came when, during the experience, they took photos and then merged them with various backgrounds. That would have been fine but we didn't know that they were going to do that so Dean wore a green shirt - hence no Dean's body in any of the photos. Of course, that didn't stop them from trying to sell them to us for $60 for the set.

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    Great idea Kim! I loved going back to all my past year's layouts. It was hard to choose, but I think that my favourite was this one of my son and my nephew. Everything about it just worked and I remember that it didn't take me long to put it together. I love the colours and most of all the expression on my son's face in the photo.


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    Such fun favorites ladies!!
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  6. I like this idea, Kim. Going back through my gallery was a quick year in review tour for me. So many memories of the year all recorded in my pages. I love our hobby, don't you? My favorites, of course, are the ones with photos of the family, but,
    I settled on this favorite I made last year at this same time because it says so much about winter. Since we have winter for several months, I work at trying to see the positive side of winter. I think the quote sums up how I feel about staying warm and in touch with family and friends.


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    This one, I think.I liked the photo, I liked what I have learned to do with it and I loved that I was able to say what I wanted to say and thus preserve a moment that is not actually pictured, but only represented by the page.

    ....and, it looks like I posted it incorrectly. Well, you get the idea.

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    Such a fun idea Kim!

    This is my fave i think. It is one of my hubby & I. I like the monotone colours & the design is fun too.

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    What a great idea for a thread, Kim!

    Although, I do love the pages I have done about family, this has been one fabulous year for my Florida State Seminoles, and I just love this spread I did after we beat Clemson 51-14 in their home stadium. It came together pretty quickly, and I really liked how it turned out. Keeping my fingers crossed that after Monday night, I'll need to do a celebration spread for the national championship!

    Here's the link to the whole spread:


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    What a fun thread Kim!! I had bundles of fun scrapping this photo of Charlie dressed as a Knight for his friend's birthday party


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    Carolyn, I was hoping that Cassie was going to have a faves thread of our most favorite page of 2013 and your knight page was going to be mine. LOVE that page. :O)
    Such a fun thread, Kim. Going through your own gallery is kind of uplifting, don't you think?! :O) I was like you in that I narrowed it down to 3 or 4 but in the end chose this one. I chose it because with each of the pages I could remember the feeling when "it was done." The feeling I had when I said to myself "it's done" for this one was greater than any of my other pages.


  12. Lovely pages, Ladies!

    This is one of my favorites from 2013.


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    I don't post a lot of but did like this one dad-ww2.jpg

  14. fun idea Kim! this year i focused on my PL pages, and i love {almost} all of them...BUT of the "regular" pages, i think this is one of the two that is most special right now to me, since i am getting to show more pieces of America to my three oldest kids and introduce America to my youngest. also, i LOVED getting to easily add so many patterned papers to one layout!

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    Oh bless you Kelly.......thankyou!!

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    I am really enjoying seeing everyone's favorite pages for the year. Like Kim, I narrowed mine down to about five and then chose this page. I really love to play with blending modes and brushes and this page was so fun to create. Great thread, Kim!


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    Kim - what a fantastic thread! I love seeing everyone's favorites.

    I don't make that many pages - but my favorite page must be this - that I also based the cover page for PL 2014 on - both in photos and colors. (Design from CZ class Clean&Simple over at BPClasses)
    -anx -

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    These pages are wonderful! Thanks for starting this thread, Kim!

    I chose this page for several reasons: it's an example of my main scrapping subject, family time; in addition, the photo was of low quality and I had to find a creative way to use it. Thanks to all the wonderful inspiration I get from this site it wasn't wasted.


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    Ow, what a fun thread!
    Ladies- almost all of pages you have put here I have in "My favorites" and rest of them I need to put there
    My favorite of my pages is this one:

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    Such a fun thread, Kim! What a treat seeing everyone's favorite pages! After narrowing down my favs to about 3 or 4, I ultimately picked this one. The summer of 2013 was a brutal one for me as far a work goes, and this page was some much-needed scrap therapy. As an added bonus I got to learn a fun new technique!

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    GREAT thread and idea Kim.
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