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Thread: Happy New Year!!

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    Cool Happy New Year!!

    It's here! 2014!

    ?Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.?
    ?Brad Paisley

    I'm doing project life again along with all sorts of random scrapping that continues to nurture my creative needs! It will be a 365-page book [give or take some pages ] filled with scrapbooking and creative adventures! Maybe this will be the year I get so many projects I've started finally finished!

    Join me?! Let's all start the new year off nurture our scrapbooking hobby and scrapping those memories we hold dear!
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    I am the only one up yet today and as I sit here in my pjs I'm excited about starting my new 365 project. As usual I will probably change my mind on the format 2 or 3 or 7 times, but I'm always excited to start a new project. My goal is to also get my 50 years book done this year. I started last year, but only got through about 10 years so I'm excited to work on that one, too.

    Happy "scrapping" New Year everyone! :O)

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    Happy New Year!!! I am eager to start another year of project life!! It's my favorite project!! I am excited to see who all joins in this year!!

    Here's to another year of scrapping!!

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    I'm ready! Finishing up this year's cover and proofing and then sending it off to print. This year, I am going to simplify the process but if I happen to take a really great photo, I might add it to the book. Kind of a combined PL and photo a day. I just looked at my gallery for 2013 and there are 277 pages posted for last year! It doesn't count Days of December and some other pages I did not post, but holy cow! Thinking of maybe making a book of my favorite pages of the year and doing that each year also. I need to finish up my Alaska book and get caught up on Justin's Medical school pages for 2013. Hitting the ground running for 2014 Happy New Year!

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    I'm ready too! After a dismal scrapping month in December, I'm anxious to get going. As usual, I have several projects (unfinished from years prior) that I want to complete this year. I won't do a PL because I know I won't keep up but I am thinking of a P52 with a weekly wrap. I could probably do that. LOL! I also have a big genealogy project I want to finish this year and that will have a bit of scrapping involved with it to. Happy New Year to all and to all a happy scrappy new year!

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    I am ready to go again too. At some point I will have to finish this year, but I really need to go back to keeping notes and getting back into taking more pictures! I love PL though

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    Happy New Year, all! I am ready to get back to 365 too! I think that last year was the year of "paint" (the cottage, my bedroom) and this year will be the year of "finish". I don't have too many scrapping projects on the go.....but I have a basement filled with UFO's (unfinished objects) in quilting and knitting projects! Bring it on!

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    Happy New Year everyone!!

    I hope this is the year that I complete my 365...I always start out okay and then life gets busy and it falls away. I know that to do it I need to keep it simple. My thoughts now are to have one large page with a single photo (like Carol and Pam did) and an accompanying page with the other six. here goes!!......

    I also love how Linda did her book last year with a theme for each week....may have to lift that idea!

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    I'm taking a break this year from a year-long project, but I know I'll probably regret that about midway through January. If I manage to get a super shot once a week, I might consider a book like Carol and Pam did -- of course, I might need some cute cows or dogs to photograph! One thing I will do, however, is finish my Documenting a Decade album! Happy New Year, everyone!

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    Happy new year everybody!

    I drool over the PL projects, but know that I just can't take it on this year. I'd like to focus on my storytelling and am going to put more effort into both the quality of my photos and my writing.

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    Happy New Year to everyone!

    I didn't do a year long project last year and I missed it so I'm ready to jump back in! Haven't chosen a format yet, probably towards a Project Life idea so I don't feel discouraged on photo-less days.
    Chrissy x

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    Happy New Year!
    aka Sarah

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    I have a big holiday book to make this year so that is on my agenda, Plus lots of random pages to fill gaps for the books for the kids that will otherwise never get done. I aim to give each of the kids a book of themselves next Christmas now that they are each young adults.

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    I've tried several times in the past to do year long projects and I always come to a screeching halt about mid February (if not earlier) - so I've decide that's probably not for me . . .
    I have my Sri Lanka book to finish, and my London book as well - I have actually been churning out pages for that one (not posting many of them - don't want to bore the pants off you all ) - and just some of the last LOs for 2013 to do and the cover etc for my yearly book and then I can upload that to Blurb.

    PS ~ SARAH! Love your new title

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    Happy New Year! Just posted my title page for PL - I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold... Wishing you all a lot of happy scrapping in 2014

    Oh, and I usually fall of the wagon some time along the road as well - but at least I have parts of the year covered. And everything counts when it comes to memory keeping, right?
    I just hope my kids won't start to think that a year ends temporarily in March, continues in June, and is on Hiatus (remember her? Ha!) from September to December.
    -anx -

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    Happy New Year everyone! I have the cover and title page left to complete for my 2013/365 and then off it goes. I LOVE this project (even when I don't LIKE it very much!) and am ready to go with 2014. Today's picture has already been placed in its template page and I'm eager to see how the year unfolds. With blizzard like conditions headed our way tomorrow and Friday I should have plenty of time to consider options for my format this year . . . . after I get the tree down; I'm ready for a break from the holidays!

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    I think I may give Project Life a try this year! I know I may not be able to stick with it, but I'll never find out unless I try. You ladies are so inspiring, thank you so much!

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    Happy New Year to all! I have committed myself to do Project life this year, and I super excited. Planning is done and Sunday evening I will be sitting down to work on my first week. I am sure I will be able to keep caught up until about April, but once ball starts I am worried I will fall behind. Ball for this family runs April-August. There will be plenty of photos to scrap and stories to tell, but my husband and I are both volunteer executive members (V.P for him and I am umpire scheduler), 2 boys playing, 1 in rep who also umpires and my 4 year old will be playing houseleague for the first time. So between houseleague, rep, taking my son to his games he is umpiring, out of town rep tournaments and all the behind the scene things we are in charge of, I am not sure much scrapping will get done. But I am giving it a go. Everyone here is so inspiring and I am glad I found DD, The products here are the best around. A special thanks to Katie!!

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    I'm still finishing up for 2013 and am not sure on what I will do for 2014.. I still have a couple other projects I would like to finish. At the moment 2014 is up in the air - LOL!!!

    aka - justbnsharon



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