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Thread: Garage Photo Shoot Question???

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    Garage Photo Shoot Question???

    Has anyone ever done one? I've been asked to photograph an author for her book jacket picture (just a head and shoulders type of problem). But now in addition to the book jacket picture, it has turned into a whole photo shoot unrelated to the book picture. I do not have enough room in my house to do the kind of photographs she wants, but I think the garage might work out okay. I need to know where to set up my backdrop and subject in relation to the the open garage door. Where do I set up lights? Thanks for any and all info!


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    Well whenever I do a garage photo shoot I don't use lights b/c I use the natural light from the open garage door. I usually need some sort of reflector though. This is an article that shows how to use natural light w/the garage

    I would love to hear how others do it, and if you do use lights, which lights you are using and how you set them up.
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