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Thread: *Rewards* for Challenge Participation

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    *Rewards* for Challenge Participation

    **repeating this info here for easy reference**

    Instead of awarding gift certificates to "winners" we now have a reward system for participating.
    This has been updated for 2016
    The rewards will be as follows:
    participation in 1-4 challenges = 5% off code
    participation in 5 or more challenges = 15% off code
    Codes are a one-time/one-purchase use code and cannot be used on multiple purchases.
    Quarterly sale events are not included in this count because those events will still have "winners" for gift certificates.
    Weekly inspiration challenges are not eligible.

    So, how do you get your code? It's easy!
    Simply post on each month's participation thread in the Monthly Challenge Forum. Include an image of your page in the thread and a link to your page in the gallery. If you need help with how to do that, there are instructions here. Then, when you complete additional challenges come back to your post and "edit" your post to add in your other pages! See? Super easy!

    At the end of the month, my challenge team of grandma lynnie, digigrandma and mugsbigsis will get you your code for use the following month!

    Note: One page for each challenge please.
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